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Zimbabwe mulls legalizing cannabis

Zimbabwe is considering legalising the production of cannabis for medical purposes to lure investors keen to grow the drug. The country’s Investment Promotion …

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  1. To view Marijuana as an illegal drug is a sign of ignorance as one way or the other we will all make use of it… for medicines like pain relief, cancer treatment or for hair and many other uses. Those that decide smoke it or abuse it have been doing so even when it was illegal. Legalizing it means we can start making our own medicines and we can avoid importing and wasting foreign currency. It’s a great move I think 🤔

  2. What you don't need they make it legal and what you need they make it Illegal and take it away from you with force and thread of death.Why can't you all see that.Wake up sons and dauters of Alkebulan. We need to focus on how to defeat colonial and slave masters both at home and over seas . Marijuana is a big strategy of distractions .The only benefit of it is to lead us astray. I SAY NO TO THAT DISTRACTION IN AFRIKA.

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