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Women On Coaching Women – The StrongFit Podcast 037

To help us two dudes understand some of the finer points when it comes to coaching female clients, we brought in two of our Mentoring Program coaches, …

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  1. I would like to add another point that was not discussed. The way most of the crossfiters are like that is because when they started, these parameters helped them get motived. The rounds, the time, the reps, the kilos. All these helped them get motived, fall in love with working out and at the bottom line see massive improvements in they fitness

  2. "Women need to know why they (Might) f*ck before they f*ck up" therefore I'm a woman.
    When I'm pissed, I cry therefore I'm a woman (It was one of my takes from the StrongFit Seminar).
    But, according to my ID and genitals, I'm a man… Whose friends or the people he/I like to train with are mostly women. This might explain why?
    Personally, I think – As Julian acknowledges around @29:30 – that it's more about your background, the social setting that was/is yours than it's about women vs. men.
    I'm a short and skinny dude who was picked last in PE. I'm a man who chose not to "man up"… And, in the end, I think it made me tough and "stronger" than many apes 😉 in the gym.
    Anyway and as always, interesting tête à tête #FoodForThought

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