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Wim Hof's take on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Everyone’s been asking what do I think about the Coronavirus, and here it is. Stay safe everyone! Sending you all big hugs from a distance. All the love and all …

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  1. Muchas gracias sr. Wim Hof es usted de bendiciòn para mi vida hace 5 dias esyoy haciendo la tecnica de respiraciòn y me siento excelente, gracias. Dios le bendiga hoy y siempre. Saludos desde Santa Criz Bolivia en sudamérica.

  2. I appreciate and applauded my parents whose taught me excellent hygiene: washing my hands with water and soap, brush your teeth every time you eat, clean your spaces, wash and change your linens, clothes and bath towels, do not use other people utensils and Do not cough, open your mouth or sneezed on people's face. Thank you Mom and Dad. US ppl has very poor hygiene

  3. Wim I thought if you when I heard an expert talk about wearing masks can lower the oxygen level in your blood thus compromising your immune system. Your breathing techniques do the opposite lowering co2 while raising the oxygen in your blood and improving your immune system.

  4. Thank you, Wim Hof! I'm on day 3 & could FINALLY follow your breathing exercise all the way through! As compared to day1 where I couldn't even retain my breath for 15 seconds. I feel excellent & am so grateful for your message. Very excited to see where this will lead me. I plan to stick with it!

  5. You are amazing. While I was watching two cellos I learn your name. One of the performer Luca Sulic mentioned how he apply breathing technique to control anxiety before the performance.

  6. I have low immunsystem and during The winter i always get sick instantly. I did The breathing and cold shower for 3 month and didnt get sick. Not even a rinni nose. Then i quited. I got sick

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