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When Will Aurora Cannabis Reach $20? When Will ACB Stock Land A Major Deal – Stock News 2019

4 Potential Partners For Aurora Cannabis Today I will be talking about when I believe aurora cannabis …

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  1. Why doesn't anyone get it? Aurora doesn't want a deal with anyone! I've been saying this for over a year now and people still make stupid ass videos about it 😂 Its never happening

  2. Aurora will crash. I recommend anyone that has it to sell. As a matter of fact the us stock market should crash soon. The charts are yelling sell. News don't mean anything. It's poison. Their there to make money. Look at the charts and they will tell you the real news!

  3. Pump and dump bull shit stock….. Just look at the chart in 3 months when it's back I'm selling this shit… Buy GE this stock is shit and so is the content of this video oh buy a pot book we'll make you rich. Pff bull shit

  4. your technical analysis is not a good way to make predictions. ….because you showed me puppies I will give you some tips… …you forgot to mention the HUGE dilution of shares to keep the price apparently low to amateur investors. in a sense the price is almost already AT 20$ per share, if they didn't dilute it so much. …basically the stock price is insanely over-valued right now, and they conceal the bubble by diluting shares. (ie they increase # of shares from 500 million to 1 billion. …that doubles the number of shares. for every new share bought after that, the value of your share goes down. if all 500 million new shares are bought, that basically halves the value of your original share value (if you bought before the dilution.) …I think that is a primary driver for one of the huge downfalls. (you briefly mentioned stock volatility, but I don't think you really got into the primary drivers behind that volatility. …….I could give you more tips I guess, but I think that is about 2 puppies worth. ….oh, don't trust seeking alpha. SA writers are paid to lie to pump/dump short/distort and generally manipulate prices. …unfortunately their sway over the illiterate herds is …substantial.

  5. no longer holding any acb due to dilution. they now have over a billion shares. I agree that acb is probably more likely to make a handful of deals instead of one huge one mostly because the company is so expensive compared to other cannabis companies. on top of this, while acb could go up 100% within a couple years, US MSOs could go up 1000%.

  6. Hi IH, with the production output of Aurora going through the roof do you think they will be able to sell enough inventory in the near future to make a profit? Cheers Mike

  7. More countries need to legalize MJ. US federal MJ legalization will be a big driver for the cannabis companies. But ACB will need licence to operate in the US market. Look, you need consumer base to bring in cash flow even if ACB can pump out weed left and right with a partner. Sure, the partnership can possibly up lift the stock to 20% to 30% like it did for CGC, but bad earning can rock the stock price so quickly.

  8. Definitely a partner would take Aurora over the top. For now it's good to load up on shares before they inevitably (hopefully) go up heeps in the future

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