What to Look for When Buying CBD Oil (Best Tips) • Roy Krebs

In today’s interview I get to speak with co-founder and CEO of open source supplement company called Natural Stacks, Roy Krebs about how tell if a CBD oil …

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  1. Great conversation, I wish I had seen this video before ordering two vials of CBD oil last week. However the company I ordered from seems to tick off many of the right boxes in what to look for, as per this conversation, for example they use C02 extraction rather than solvents.The company is "CBDistillery" the full spectrum 500 mg tincture. Anyone see any issues with this company and their products?

  2. As a life-long insomniac, I’ve tried about everything to get uninterrupted sleep and have been curious about CBD oil, but unsure about what to try; thanks for this information.

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