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What Happens to Your Body When You Vape?

What Happens to Your Body When You Vape? Bob and Brad with guest speaker, Chris the Pharmacist, discuss what happens to your body when you vape.

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  1. I’ll probably Stop watching you guys if you continue to have this Asshat spewing unfounded, made up information about different subjects. He is NOT a “specialist” in Anyway. He makes DRUGS that KILL people!
    Get a grip you Two!

  2. Bob and Brad we know you mean well but the reality is, no one on tgeir right mind is going to listen to advice from a Pharmacist! He's a legal drug pusher. This is the reality! It's like good cop bad cop, both same coin. There's reality aside from this coin!

    One word- ABORT! The ship in in danger of sinking guys.

  3. vaping use pg vg with flavor as far as nicotine goes you can use anywhere from 0 to 24 i started smoking when i was 13 i quit by vaping when i was 38 now i am 43 and i use only a 3ml of nicotine witch is low but nic salts goes up to 50 that is what kids are using witch they ban that in the uk and i think the us should to and crack down on the places that sales to kids

  4. I'm not a supporter of vaping, but at least the smell is not as obnoxious and offensive as cigarettes.
    I think it's hypocritical that this crusade and outrage over vaping is happening while the real problem is that cigarettes are still legal. My guess there's big lobbying money floating around to create a mass histeria over vaping as it is a threat to tobacco.
    Having said that, I appreciate these guy's having a conversation about this subject, which I think is a natural evolution to their content which is to promote wellness.
    And for those complaining about the pharmacist, remember that the guy spent many years learning chemistry and interactions between compounds and ingredients, so I think it's worth listening to this perspective.
    If the real concern was the health and we'll being of the population, many products wouldn't be sold or would be legal.
    Let's remember that businesses are targeting children because if you can hook them early on, they'll be consumers of your products for life. This can be said for any capitalist venture or product, so it's quite the slippery slope.
    So this is a classical example where vaping is the scapegoat while we turn our blind eye to other more pressing problems.

  5. Shop owners if you are being told to shut down absolutely do not abide. Stay open and make sure they write the fines in the name of the business not you as a person. Until they force your doors shut or they arrest you(if they do it'll be

    Nolle prosequi) you'll be out within a few hours to go home get rest and do it again. Do not allow them to impede on your ability to feed your families and keep your own lights on. It's not about Vaping anymore, it's beyond that. If we can disrupt an industry, we can disrupt the one's protecting them under false pretenses.

    CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE until other means are necessary. If you force them to see how much damage they're doing to citizens and fill up the dockets with bs fines their judges will start to question how productive the bans are.

    A lot of people don't realize how much they can move as a whole by all doing the same thing.

    Get mad, stay tactful, and rely heavily on the fact you are a person and your business is your way to stay alive and to be productive.

    Closing the door does more harm to your community than the ban actually does.


    This is for everyone. Some say ban vaping some say don't ban vaping. Here are hard fun facts for you all.

    The constitution reads that we as American citizens have a right to choice.

    A right to stand as one against tyranny and the government.

    A right to bare arms.

    There are more, but I'm going to cover these three.

    The right of choice= if there is a secondary option, you can choose what you want. In ex. A Dr.prescribed you a laxitive. You have the right to use it or not.

    If you smoke cigarettes you have the right to do that. The government can not tell you that you can't. It's freedom of choice. Got it? Ok moving on then.

    Right to stand as one = we have the right to stand as a whole in protests against our government without clause. In ex. We are able to protest the government if they try to tell you that your child can't play in the playground. Or you have to only buy health food no more can you buy chips etc. That is tyranny or as some know it as dictatorship.

    Now the big one right to bare arms = you have the right to own and carry a weapon for others or your own protection against wring doing of others. Not excluding the government. Think about all these for a minute.

    Now that you did that. The government wants to ban all vaping/e-cigarettes from flavors to devices. If this is done that is the right of choice taken away, and the right of standing as one will follow in a dominoe effect. Guess what that does to your right to bare arms. You guessed it. That right will be taken away without you being able to fight against it. Now do you still say ban vaping and take our right of choice away?

    Think about it hard people because this ban doesn't just effect vapers and smokers. It effects our bill of rights and the constitutional rights of America.

  6. Wait… The big pharma guy is against vaping? Whaaaaa? Lololol. Shocker.

    What is currently going on in the media is truly disturbing. The amount of lies and deception is remarkable. The CDC has even said verbatim "Most patients report a history of using THC-containing products. The latest national and regional findings suggest products containing THC play a role in the outbreak."


    Furthermore, studies show that the culprit of the lung disease is vitamin E acetate.




    The black market dealers are thinning out THC oil to save money and adding vitamin e acetate as a filler to these cartridges so that the oil in the cartridge appears to be thick like THC oil is at its original state. Vitamin E Acetate is used in skin lotions and creams. Vitamin E Acetate is not intended to be ingested and is considered toxic if consumed.


    Legitimate vape shops don't sell illegal products and especially don't sell to minors. We play by the rules. I can verify that through the FDA's inspection data.


    Our products are made to help people quit smoking combustible tobacco. The problem that plagues our industry are all of the gas stations, convenience stores, and retail stores such as Walgreens, Walmart, and Dollar General.


    Vaping using electronic nicotine delivery systems (E.N.D.S.) has been found to be 95% safer than smoking combustible cigarettes.


    For a list of studies that have been done in the past several years:

    Lastly, Here is the reality of our situation. States are losing tobacco revenue due to decreasing cigarette sales. States took out tobacco bonds after the Master Settlement Agreement was made between the attorney generals of 46 states, the District of Columbia, 5 United States territories, and the tobacco industry. If you take a look at the states with the most debt and reference those states that have issued executive orders to ban either flavors or vaping products altogether, it all ties together.


    Ultimately, we are dealing with MSA Blood Money. Our government is so far invested into the Big Tobacco industry, states Tobacco Bonds are set to default on these loans.

  7. I'm just going to say for a so called expert. He should have no problem answering g the question about the amount of vapor that is exhaled. Not to mention he said its lit. When it's heated up. Should have found some1 more educated on the subject. Now the flavors hook the kids. It has nothing to do with flavors, it's the high nic amount

  8. I am 49 And I’ve been vaping for 7yrs and I never had any lung problems so far . I also go to the gym and ride my bike And I’ve never felt any difference in breathing .Also I think there’s more crap in the air we breath outside than what’s in vape juice.

  9. This recent development is likely doing just the opposite of stepping down from cigarette smoking, rather it will likely lead to a significant upswing in younger people taking up the habit of nicotine and THC. This is bad news for current nicotine addicts, and for those who are lured into a new and "cool" way to be accepted by addicted peers. We all make our own personal choices in life, and those choices result in consequences, both positive and negative. We cannot save those who do not respect their own health and longevity unless they seek assistance. Hopefully this message will get out to enough people to have a positive effect, but I suspect parents may get the message loud and clear, but how successful will they be in getting their teenager to walk away from an addictive practice that gets them accepted in a particular social order at school? And how many teenagers watch Bob and Brad for the latest health news? Probably not many, and those who do are likely not addicts or engage in addict-prone behaviors. Thanks for the message Chris – very well and succinctly stated.

  10. withdrawing from nicotine as a smoker was THE hardest thing I've ever done or gone through in my life. Please don't try anything with nicotine in it. It's incredibly addictive. I hated being a slave to it, and I thank God for giving me the strength to overcome. You only have to endure withdrawal one time if you're addicted, but if you fall back, keep trying. It's worth every moment of withdrawal, misery, depression, anxiety, anger & whatever else you have to endure, for the priceless freedom ahead of you. You can do it!

  11. Guy doesn’t seem to be in the know about the latest vaping debacle. Where the vapor actually put bacteria into the lungs. Seems smoking is healthier, stuff actually burns and kills any bacteria. Also someone who has never smoked or vaped isn’t really a good source of info. Its like asking someone who read a book on China to tell you about China versus someone who had been there.

  12. Not for kids and teens, lungs still developing. If we're talking nicotine, proven to be 95% safer than cigarettes. The hot button issue is people vaping THC liquid, some black market counterfitters adding vitamin e oil and other unhealthy things. Going to hospital after vaping the tainted THC liquid, saying e-cigarettes to avoid legal trouble. But blood tests don't lie.

    300+ degrees is from a false test to see what level the metal coils would release metal particles. You would get third degree burns from your mouth down.

    Formaldehyde is not present in an egcigarette in any form. You produce fomaldahyde when you exhale.

    As an adult, it's a safer vice than cigarettes, and can be used to quit smoking, stepping down nicotine over time.

    Big scare kids want it over flavors. Ban flavored alcohol. Ban flavored coffee shots.

    Nicotine is addictive? Ban tomatoes and eggplants, they have nicotine in them too.

    The main issue is that tobbaco lobbyists are paying to keep cigarettes on the market, vaping should be taxed by the nicotine level in the liquid if tax revinue from cigarettes is to be replaced.

    Popcorn lung from dicaetyl or popcorn flavor has beep proven to be false. You would have to vape pure flavor for years to start seeing issues.

    If you have any adult family member that smokes cigarettes, ask them to talk to their doctor about vaping as a step down method.

    Lots of misinformation in this video.

  13. How about the real fix. Ban cigarettes… oh wait, there is too much money coming to the States from the taxes and the Master Settlement Agreement. Unfortunately, the Politicians and media are going to stop one of the greatest life saving methods for smokers to stop smoking all in the name of money and views. It’s interesting that in the UK they are encouraging smokers to switch to vaping, have vape shops attached to their hospitals and their teen vaping rate is 5 times lower than the US and their adult smoking rate has dropped over 6% in one yearSmart regulations and actual enforcement of laws to keep vape products out of kids hands is the answer not banning flavors etc. Oh, just in case you don’t know, kids don’t vape for the flavor. They vape for the nicotine buzz. The same reason kids start smoking cigarettes.

  14. Vaping has saved a lot of current smoker's health. While I agree people who aren't smokers shouldn't pick up vaping, it's so much safer than smoking.

    Maybe if you're going to go after vaping, go after alcohol and cigarettes since they are far worse yet legal.

    I'm going to unsubscribe since you're feeding into the fear mongering.

  15. Vaping is literally the cigarette of the current era- I’m 21 and everyone around me in college vapes. I’m just sitting here waiting for all of the emerging studies in the next 20 years of the long term effects of vaping coming out

  16. An unsafe substance has been introduced into the vaping supply chain. We need to find out what it is, and how it got there. With that exception, vaping will always be safer than cigarettes and easier to quit than tobacco.

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