Growing Cannabis


In this video, I am germinating and planting marijuana seeds. This round I’m growing cannabis indoors and this is week 1 of the seedling stage. If you haven’t …

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  1. It's been awhile! I think it's time for me to come back and start producing videos on a weekly basis. Don't you agree!? 🙂

    Quick note: These plants are currently much further along than what's shown in this video. To see what they look like now, follow me on Instagram @mr.growit

  2. Have you experimented with using mirrors? Or do they not work as good as foil?

    I was thinking once they got to a certain height, could you slide a light stick (I've seen some on Alibaba, pink and blue and full spectrum) near the base or soil if that would help get the plant 360 degree light ? And would that maybe increase yields or maybe too much strain on the plant?

  3. I have a question…. am growing some plants and the stem just grows not really the leaf's is this natural or am I doin something wrong

  4. something i do is take about 10 seeds and put them in a big cup and the first that fall down to the bottom are the strongest so yeah thin growers shuld do this
    just saying

  5. This is just something i learned & thought you may wanna know. You talk about at around 3:10 of your video, about how you lightly pack the soil, leaving about a couple of inches from the top of the cup so you can add soil, just in case of what i would like to call a laggy stem. Where they kinda droop. I have learned if you put foil paper around the top, it will help out the lagginess, but i use a tin coffee can to prevent this, & it acts the same way. Try it, you will be amazed😮😊 Now this works for my tomato plants, have not tried this with cannabis, but i am sure it'll work out the same way

  6. Wait no water seed put need new grow seed it good bit different health seed weed 😉 stick around can't understand sick weed bad funny is seed keep safe 💪/ sweet water yes health grow more water seed good 💪 like purple 👌

  7. Hey bro, I was wondering can you germinate and grow plants out of seeds you get from a weed bag??😄 I've already put them in water for 24 hours and now they are in the damp paper towel

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