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WATCH: Celebrations after marijuana court ruling

Marijuana activists celebrate outside the Western Cape High Court which today ruled that it is legal for adults to use marijuana at private homes.

Cannabis Club South Africa Cannabis Club South Africa

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  1. Hahaha, I am sorry I could not have been there to join in the Euphoria with these good people. Hahaha, I can hear thy hysteria of the "blourokkie" brigade at fever pitch as their narrow, myopic little world view is shattered. If they were expecting the sky to fall they are about to be sorely dissapointed because basically this is the least contentious thing to happen for those who are informed. The argument against the constitutionality of prohibition is rationally and logically unassailable for a host of reasons. What do you expect to happen after 100 years of entirely unscientific political, racial, religious and social bigotry and paranoia. Our "HIGH" court strikes a "BLOW" for our fine tradition of law. Hahaha

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