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Veritas Farms CBD Edibles – Colorado’s Veritas Farms offers a variety of ways to work full-spectrum CBD into your daily diet. Their tincture offers an easy way to …

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  1. Ok if ur over 21 and have a bad bad headache do u want a 81 orange baby aspirin or extra strength tylenol 1aduld aspirin and a coke,I'll take the latter thank you.so when a big person needs relief or relax start with something we CANNABIS lovers know works

  2. My whole point is using CANNABIS works hemp not so much,everyone is different so educate yourselves and experience.your not going to fuck yourself up lettuce has killed more than CANNABIS,but damn people,read watch educate.check out Dr rich kaufman(chief science officer,nanosphere)good place to start article called A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN.I just don't like lies ripoffs on something I've worked toward legalizing for over a half century.love to all no worries

  3. CBD IS CBD but the way our system accepts it,or reacts to it has to do with receptors and the way of design or structure,so don't shoot the messenger seek knowledge of mother nature

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