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UPDATE: Police conduct raids in Johannesburg CBD

Police are conducting raids in the Johannesburg CBD again on Wednesday. They say they will release a statement once all authorities have been briefed.

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  1. As a business tenant in the Johannesburg CBD for the last 26-years I applaud the decisive action of SAPS of the past two days in relieving the city the strain of illegal immigration. We have helplessly watched the rot set in: mass and illegal immigration robbing this great city of its beauty and vibrancy: reducing it to an unsafe, foul-smelling and a repugnant slum. Hopefully there will no reversion of the gains made in the last few days.
    NOW efforts must be made to clean up the traffic chaos: the reckless, thoughtless and idiotic driving by individuals who have no respect for themselves and other users of the road. Not only are thousands of lives lost annually due their appalling driving but also biillions from our economy to care for accident victims.
    This driving menace and scurge on our roads is as big a threat to our city and country as CORRUPTION, CRIME and the poor ECONOMY are. Its a dark stain on the social fabric of our city. The sooner we decisively confront these insolent bullies, the better our country will be.
    Once again I salute our men and women in the police force for their valiant actions.

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