Unregistered 170: Buck Johnson (VIDEO)

I was joined from the site of the upcoming Renegade University Weekend event in Lockhart, Texas by Buck Johnson, a firefighter since the age of 19, …

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  1. The best Congressman in the History of America was Dennis Kucinch from Cleveland Ohio. He introduced the #NeedAct into Congress: HR2990 of the 112th Congress the most revoutionary legislation introduced since the founding of America.

  2. Wow! Amazing to think Thad has not been in a strip club. For someone who promotes sex and drugs lifestyle he has missed a major part of American culture – the good, bad and the ugly.

  3. The main difference between left and right libertarianism is on race. There is a libertarian civil war going on about that right now. Left is closer to the woke left and the right wants to give people the freedom not to associate with others based upon race or any other reason.

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