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Transplanting 🌱 INDOOR CANNABIS Plants Into Smart Pots❗️

Transplanting CANNABIS Plants Into Smart Pots ❗️ In todays Indoor Weed Grow Update video – I decided to transplant my 5 cannabis clones into some smart …

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  1. 15 years in the game and ill tell you this… Go from clone right into a 5 gal pot. Saturate your medium and wait for the dryback then feed as per usual. Stepping up such small pots is a waste of time. If you really wanna you can start them in solo cups and when they are well rooted throw em in a 5 gal. All this transplant stuff is ridiculous plants hate being transplanted so the less the better

  2. Put alot more medium in there when transplanting because it will settle and better to have too much than too little because the root will use all the available medium

  3. When watering your bbys you should let them dry out not hella dry bt just when you see yo plants R thirsty..
    Pot size transfer
    1 gal pot 1month
    2 gal pot 2month
    So on and so on
    Hope yo bby get nice health white Roots ..

  4. those roots are healthy asf im doing a summer grow in 30 gallon pots this summer with true organics cause its easy asf and the bud taste sooo good and a simple way to tell if your plants are getting root bound is the pot gos dry in like 1-2 days you should ponly have to water every 4-7 depending on the soil health

  5. so i got a tip if your using myco and bottle nutrients your just killing off the myco so if you want that full organic literally use 50/50 compost to potting soil or coco. ok 2 coco is salty as hell so wash it thuraly before you use it

  6. Nice grow. I use fabric pots (3, 5, 7 gal). I use the 3gal most often and grow massive busy 6 ft plants indoors. You will be watering more frequently, until late flower once they slow down on drinking.

    I feed when transplanting, and typically flip a week or two after moving the girls into 3gal..

    That Greasy Monkey is fire.

  7. Doing great, two points though, if use that various inputs into soil why not super soil mix? And two, grow in Velcro transplanter Geo pots for the win instead of plastic containers hun.

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