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Traditional German Rum Pot / Rumtopf ✪ MyGerman.Recipes

Preserve the summer in a jar! Sounds ridiculous? OK, preserve the fruits of the summer in a jar and enjoy them in winter! Easy with a rum pot! Recipe Link: …

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  1. Great! Reminds me of my father in law.

    I was a British soldier, he was Prussian. I still remember the day we worked together, total mutual respect. We were building an Autobahn extension together. I was backing up, throwing fill over the embankment, my FIL guiding us, either one could have killed us both.

  2. love this. I remember having this and also having so much apricot brandy slush when i was a kid. hot toddies when i was sick. no wonder i was such a good kid. lol

  3. I am a native Texan married to a German National. I have a very large Rumtoph and make this annually as gifts. Thanks for your version!

  4. I read that the rum (and other alcohol) in Germany is higher proof alcohol than in the U.S. so that if one is using rum bought in the States, it is best to add something very high in alcohol such as Everclear. The article said that this will help keep the fruit from getting any mold!

  5. My mother would make this out of canned fruit cocktail and keep in a large glass container, she would add a can of fruit cocktail to replenish occasionally, we used for ice cream topping, your fresh fruit version would be even better, can you make cakes with this?….I will definitely be making this to enjoy this coming fall and winter.

  6. I found this in a canning book and decided to do a video search. I didn't grow up with this nor did my cousins (all of whom are German). So I've made a batch and plan on dipping into it early so we can experience this at our cousins weekend get together! Thanks for your video!

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