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Touch Deprived! (Touch…The Need You Are Suppressing)

Physical Touch is something that doesn’t necessarily make sense to modern day science. But the mind and body are inextricably connected. With every physical …

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  1. Religion does not seek to deny needs like sex, hunger etc… it seeks to train those controlled by those feelings which aren’t actually needs, and it seeks to teach people what are truly needs and what are harmful wants/desires and how to handle it. This is actually necessary. Fasting and abstaining from something is not harmful, but helpful, unless done in a wrong way. Those “religious” that actually teach to suppress or deny are those infected with something not holy. You can find this type of person in any walk of life, any religion, including “new age” group. It’s unfair to label religions as “denying” needs. I will agree there’s a lot of wrongs taught by wrongly inclined people within religion, there has been for centuries, it’s nothing new, but it’s not the religion itself.

  2. I realised how touch deprived I felt when I finally satiated that need. My children healed my need and craving for touch. How? I did high contact parenting and carried them throughout their infancy and breastfed them and that healed me while giving them the contact all children need to feel safe that they exist and that they matter and that they are loved. I never really felt it as a burden I felt the need of having them close as much as they did feel that need too.

  3. I have lived almost 12 years without human touch..there were some instances where I allowed maybe a 2 second hug, but I would shut down all feeling because I felt like I would be abused (school was very rough) and I was taught to suppress emotions since I was 4 by my father, who was abusive.
    I think I'm starting to break at 28 years old. I want human touch, but I can't get it out of my head that not every touch means abuse or something sexual or a possible trick being used against me. I cry for no reason, I'm so depressed and anxious all the time. The desire to allow someone to touch me is enormous..the fear of touch and past abuse is even greater.

    I want to allow it..I just can't.

  4. Wow this resonated with me so much. I grew up Catholic and went to Catholic school for 8 years. As a kid I naturally had obsessive tendencies so I’d end up trying to follow the rules but to an extreme. It got to the point where I didn’t want anyone touching me because I felt guilty and shameful for potentially participating in anything that could be considered sexual. As an adult I changed my religion and through my new spiritual beliefs I’ve finally started to shed those old habits. So I can confirm 100% that being deprived of touch is starting to catch up with me. And it absolutely sucks

  5. we really are "out of touch" teal… thanks for the great video.
    I also remember seeing that monkey experiment and just being completely astonished by the results.
    Our environment during childhood is so crucial. Parenting is not a joke, though people rush into having kids more often than not.

  6. maybe so, but you can't hug strangers, I won't and therefore, the issue wil continue for those of us who lve alone. this life is a digital game. It does not matter. It is just an experience. Teal you know this so balance it out. Oh maybe you don't!

  7. I need touch so much. I was not raised with a dad who hugged me or touched me. As an adult now when I greet him I started giving hugs and I see him enjoying it too, no matter how stiff and tense his body is 😂. I do feel this carefulness around touch. My brother is more receptive to touch but also I feel careful, like; can I..,, please? It's super difficult to be in a long distance relationship for me now.. no hugs for so long.

  8. Hey could anyone give me some advice?

    I have plenty of touch both from sexual and non sexual partners but over the years I’ve become numb to it, like it doesn’t mean what it used to and just doesn’t satisfy me emotionally as much as I’ve always loved physical touch. Does anyone have this same problem or any solution to it?

  9. I'm sick of trying to get my pillow to touch me back….I need touch…but no Dudes….just Chicks….I went to a guy Chiropractor and he put that cream on my back and got a little too low on my back…approaching the buttocks

  10. 14:21 A really bad example of a kiss. The woman is not completely invested in it. Half of her lips and face are kissing the man. The other half is turned towards us, the "witnesses". The man is doing quite badly as well. The left half of his face is awkwardly accepting the kiss. The right half is saying "not really", and cringing, maybe because of the effort. Perhaps the whole thing is just playful. But I do not see it that way. All opinions, contrary or not, are very welcome.

  11. For those commenting about the monkeys, this same experiment was done with human babies at one point with fatal results. Neither experiment is ethically acceptable but you should know this was previously done on humans as well.

  12. Woohoo I’ve been emotional and physically neglected for the majority of my life by all of my social peers and almost very one I know. I’ve not felt a genuine hug and I don’t know what it feels like. I almost feel as though I’m some monster that people don’t want to touch or look at. I just want a hug.

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