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  1. Nick can sometimes get narcissistic, like come on bro not every session is one of your real estate things where everybody attention is yours…he’s very selective with his humor, & his little smirk after his 54 spds scoop, bro your not a genius, that’s standard call get lucky on turn knowing your opponents range, obviously wired pocket pair… it when you get trapped, 3 bet force you to fold, or even sucked out, you feel so butt hurt

  2. Lots of people talking about Nick in here. I tell you what, if I played with Art and Garret all the time, I would feel like the big dog at any other table too. His game has come a long way. That's what happens when you play with some of the best cash game players in the country. Also, it's my understanding that he is playing for recreation and that he is a successful businessman. I'm just saying, I wouldn't be talking shit on this guy like you think you're smarter than he is. He's clearly smarter than the Youtube comment section.

  3. Just lost any/all respect for Nick.
    I wish I could be in that spot with a set or aces, I would slow roll to the max.
    I think that was a b** move against the tens and would have been very easy to pick up on.
    "ill suck yo * if you call"

  4. Man Nick is so hard to play against

    Think we was a bit out of line in the first hand – its not really reasnoble table talk and he was needling him a lot, and then laughed about the guy afterwards (not cool).

    But hey guess its all Poker.

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