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Top 10 Best Cheap Eats in Melbourne Australia

The best and most delicious food to eat in Melbourne Australia that won’t break your wallet. Melbourne is often considered the foodie capital of Australia and in …

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    Keeping a distance between nose, mouth, and foods you're preparing/serve is crucial in order to protect your customers. We're in this together!!

    Therefore, it is so necessary so as to refrain from breathing to close above the food below your nose and mouth. Most importantly, REFRAIN FROM TALKING as SALIVA DROPLETS perched on foods; you could be spreading and transmitting the virus if you're unknowingly a carrier of this CoronaVirus.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Best Wishes for Your Business


  2. Title: Cheap eats in Melbourne. Starts off the video with a $20 burger!

    Seriously $19 for a burger with that small amount of chips is CRAZY expensive!! I mean I live in Melbourne and I think the most I have ever spent on a burger is maybe like $14-15. And even that is considered fairly expensive.

  3. my refer for; Coffee, Cappuccino, Cake, Pannacotta, italia cucina; Pizza, Pasta all in one place; Brunetti Cafe at Flinder lane is the best bro 🙂 Dolce de Leche

  4. must try Brunch; Top Paddock cafe at Church st, Two Bird One Stone at Claremont st South Yarra. Fish n Chips; Hunky Dory at Chapel st. BBQ Pork & Roast Duck; Pacific restaurant Toorak rd South Yarra, Jinda Thai at Ferguson st Abbotsford. Steik; San Telmo resto (Argentinian cuisine) 14 Meyers Place, Steer restaurant at Claremont st, The Meat & Wine resto in Como Arcade South Yarra. Cafe; Laurent Bakery Toorak rd South Yarra.

  5. $19 is an absolute bloody rip off! Hotels serve beer and drinks not proper hamburgers! It looked ok though but there's better things available for a lot less than $19 believe me.

    If you want the best value for money and best tasting Hamburgers and Steak Sandwiches there are only 2 places worth going to that are truly the best and will save you a lot of time and money – Embassy Taxi Cafe in West Melbourne ( 547 Spencer Street open 24 hours)and Andrews Hamburgers in Bridport Street, Albert Park (and now also in Franklin Street in the city). Andrews Hamburgers has been voted the best hamburger in Australia on a number of occasions and both of these joints are institutions!

    Greek food – the best places are Jim's Greek Tavern, Johnston Street Collingwood and Lambs on Lygon Street, Carlton. There is also a Greek Souvlaki joint at 315 Brunswick Street which is pretty good too with incredibly nice tender lamb.

    Steak houses – Vlados in Bridge Road, Richmond and best Charcoal Chicken is Melbourne Charcoal Chicken, Victoria Avenue, Albert Park. Not all of these places are cheap, but when you compare the quality of the food to some crappy places and the prices they charge, then it works out probably about the same in terms of value for money.

    Best pub in Melbourne – Exford Hotel, Russell Street, City (great Pizza's $8 and nice drinks) and also the Mitre Tavern in Bank Place, City and Sherlock Holmes Tavern, Collins Street, City but the Exford is the best of the 3.

    The very best restaurant in Melbourne as far as I'm concerned is a showdown between The Teppanyaki Inn at 182 Collins Street, City, Vlados in Bridge Road, Richmond and The Flower Drum in Market Lane, City and also a real hot little joint which is worthy of short listing called Ants Bistro in Corrs Lane, City (off Little Bourke Street in Chinatown).

    Best Pizza joints, by far, are Favori Pizza, Victoria Avenue, Albert Park and Patony's Pizza, Clarendon Street, South Melbourne (opposite Coles).

    Best Thai restaurant is Chin Chin, Flinders Lane, City and Thai Taste, Johnston Street, Collingwood.

    There you go, I haven't listed all cultures of course but that's 50 years experience of eating in Melbourne for you that will definitely direct you to some very serious mouth watering encounters which you may not have been aware of for your next video!! Happy eating! Cheers,C.

  6. Satay (Sate) is originally from Indonesia, not Malaysia. And the "Mee Goreng" that you mentioned which is also in that Malaysian restaurant, it's actually called "Bakmie" which is originally from China. Wth Malaysians like to steal other countries' dishes to claimed to be theirs – -"
    Btw, I'll go to Melbourne too in 2 weeks. Am so excited 🥰

  7. i wont eat that kind of expensive foods, just cooking myself with sandwich will be much better in nutrition,  i am a good cook, so i can be sucessful in australia if the price will be like that, there are lots of poor ppl  so i can help em, there are some magical recipe to change that horrible expensive resturants. even not rational. just hving my recipe will save aussies.

  8. Hahaaaaa Im from Melb but got the fuck out 8 years ago when prices started to become absurd,so I moved to Sth America…a double beef double cheese double egg hamburger with chips and salad costs 3 bucks…ciggs a 1.50 a pack and a liter bottle of pilsner 1 dollar..Chicken breast chips salad and 3 sauces 2.50……oh yeah coke costs 4 bucks a gram..The lucky country hey-bullshit,the place is fucked beyond belief..

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