Tinnitus: and CBD Rick Simpson oil cured me

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm so upset that in the UK we can not access the high strength medical canabis oil due to it being ilegal. My tinitus is loud and making me suicidal at this point. I don't know how long i can go on tbh.

  2. I find that eliminating caffeine, refined sugar, most grains especially commercial bread (gmo wheat), alcohol, white potatoes, fried foods, and lowering meat intake (especially non-organic) really helps with the inflammation in my body and ears

  3. hello sir, im in shock because my Tinnitus is worst then ever and i dont know what to do i google and found a website claimaing tinnitus can be worst when smoking,, well i smoke every day not cbd and i began to think to stop to see if my tinnitus can releif… and now and stunbled on yout video! well i am taking gabapentine so thats why im in shock should i stop taking it right away?,, i am not familiat with the cdb oil you just done,, man if only i can try something to make it stop or at least calming the riging… im from Montreal so i can buy cab oil can you explaine what to do exactly? blesse my freind

  4. So you can smoke marijuana again without having your tinnitus spiking or come back again? I'm asking because weed almost always magnifies the ringing. Hope to hear from you soon

  5. Hi there I suffer from tinnitus as well after being diagnosed with RA. I haven’t got a good night sleep 💤 in months. Could you recommend some strains this illness? I’m getting my medical license so I can grow my own.

  6. Not enough information. Have had severe tinnitus for over 6 years, so I’m desperate to get rid of it as I can barely hear anything else and the regular doctors and audiologists cannot help me. I need to know exactly which products are effective so I can look for them. Please include strengths and CBD/THC ratios if you can. Thanks!

  7. i dont understand is there THC in this regiment i would like to cure my tinitus aswell as ofcorse it is such an awful thing how can i get these products he didnt even mention what product the cbd is can somebody help me on this

  8. Thank you so much for your video. I have suffered for 5 years. I just went and bought both CBD oil and RSO. How many milligrams of CBD each dose and how much THC each dose? Ty for your help!

  9. Strange since I've had pulsating tinnitus for over thirty years ( I literally hear every heartbeat ) but when I stopped smoking oil ten years back my tinnitus became significantly quieter; I no longer take any substances and I never will again.

  10. I've had tinnitus for 30 + years.  Its louder than normal conversation.  There are times I've thought about ending my life just to end the hissing.I did find a source for legal cbd oil.     Audiologist thought I had to put drops in ear.  Going to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I bought the HTC Phoenix tears.. from Canadian Herbal Bliss.
    But I don’t have the info on your oil…
    The name and strength of the CBD, and store to buy it.
    Can you please help me with a reply

  12. Hi.. I like to try this… what specific Item number or even bar code is on the packaging for #1 your CBD oil, #2 Phoenix Tears ? Bar code eliminate any confusion for me.

  13. First of all thanks for sharing mate !!! For those who post “Tried it, it did nothing” like a week oe so old posts … Different body, different organism, different endocannabionoid system !!! There is no one fits all description for getting CBD or THC. You might be 2 meters tall and 200 kilos and fall down with tree drops of THC and be skinny and short and need a strong % oil and many drops. One way to find out … start slow and increase !!! Also boost your endocannabinoid system (google it) … We consume so many fucked up products (processed food, deodorants, shampoos, etc etc) that our cannabinoid receptors are blocked and fooled … You can’t eat junk food pop up xanax for 10 years and expect cannabis to act in such a short time. If you are lucky enough and have a specialist like in the case of our friend then go. If not there are a lot of books online and a lot of information. Wish to all of you health and a happy new year 🙂

  14. Thank you, so much ive known about ROS for years. I did not know it would help tinitus… Ive had it for almost 7 years, got it from loud machinery work. I am mooving to a more freindlyer "Herb" state come next spring. I dont live in one now in the US. I wish i could leave now to get it. Im ready for this ringing to stop. Only thing i found dround's out the noise is laying on my back at night and listening to crickets.

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