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Timothy Olyphant Smoked Willie Nelson’s Weed – CONAN on TBS

Timothy isn’t a big pot smoker, but he recently went to Austin and had one hit too many of Willie’s weed. More CONAN @ Team Coco …

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  1. Heh…He is so right about being at the point where you fixate on trying to remember something you will need later, like an address, or where you parked your car. To the point that twenty years later, you'll still remember that address, or where you parked your car…

  2. Ive done the Robert Downy jr! Went out drinking and someone gave me a xanax bar, I had no idea what it was. Woke up to some really nice lady asking if I knew where I was and if I would please leave. I left and woke up later in a ditch.

  3. Why does weed make you feel like that. Seriously? Complete twist like he said. I wish I could smoke but I zone in on my self like like an assassin with a sniper rifle and the crosshairs pointed directly at my mind.

  4. I was in Amsterdam waiting for a day to meet up with a friend, and right before I walked out of the hostel, I grabbed a card from the front desk. I would have NEVER found my way back if I hadn't! So glad I just happened to see the cards, stop, grab 1, and stuff it in my wallet!

  5. So what! If you lived anywhere near Abbott, Tx back in the day. All you had to do was stop by Willie's grandmother's house. And if the tour bus was there go in the back door and you could burn one with him in the kitchen.

  6. LMAO right man here in Michigan I actually have to tell people if you're not a heavy smoker!!! Right your name and emergency contact person's number on your hand! OMG spot on! P.S. Snoop Dogg smoked my weed!!! And got some seeds from me!

  7. One way you can tell someone whose never smoked weed is when they,like this tool, describe effects which don't occur in some jackass way to appear cool. He was good in deadwood though.

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