This is me coming to you with a heavy heart. My friends left after I got cancer – Esther Nyambura

This is me coming to you with a heavy heart. My friends left after I got cancer – Esther Nyambura “This is me coming to you with a heavy heart, maybe it’s not right …

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  1. Yani god help people make right decisions had she taken it seriously initially she would not have lost her hand and shoulder guyz let’s get serious with medical needs for our bodies and timely treatments ignorance is not good

  2. I will prefer English subtitles to really appreciate her story. My heart is with her anyway, and I pray that this video reaches the appropriate agents that can help this young lady move forward.

  3. Why am i having so much faith in your healing. God in heaven, you never created the husband of this lady to be a slave of working for cancer. God you love happy families living together. God its enough to lose a hand and shoulder. Why would it be more, Lord. I thank you coz she is alive others died. Let her agony come to end Lord. Lord restore this family pls in Jesus' name i pray.

  4. We take alot for granted…I love her positivity…Even with all she has gone through…She still put her head up n continued to go through with Life…Not a pity party as she said…But getting up n to continue to face life as it comes…Amen to you…

  5. Nakutakia maisha ya raha na afia jema, hakika Mungu hatakuashilia,( nguroria maitho makwa naiguru kuria uteithio wakwa umaga)ciugo njega cia kumiriria mundu.acio othe marugamite nawe, ucio niwe Ngai,ugoci kuri wee

  6. I pray that your wish comes true. You have a beautiful family and a very responsible and loving man. I’m so proud to be a man today. You give men a reason to stand up, keep their heads up and be men in their homes. You are not only a good role model to your children, but to men all over the world. You are indeed a great man. Don’t worry about those people who dissed you when you needed them. It tells you that they are not true friends and never were. What a good riddance. May God bless you. Focus on the good vibes and do away with the negative minded evil people who are always in a hurry to make negative comments. Every dog has its day.Their day is coming. TUKO mko tu Sawa.

  7. Blessed family n wish u all the best mama..tuko asanteni sana kwa kucome through..to husband Gob bless u always…to kids God be with you n to fellow kenyans bila unguvu we can't make it.

  8. Much love to Esther , she’s a brave and beautiful lady. As a fellow cancer survivor i empathise with her difficult journey . I Will pray for her and support her to achieving her future treatment her for prosthetics !

  9. Her husband's love is real and from God because he has been with her for good and worse time together. God bless him and his family. She is very strong and has kept the children happy and strong as well. God will never leave you and no more cancer in Jesus's Mighty Name amen

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