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The NFL should not allow marijuana to be used for pain management – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith stands firm on his opposition to the recreational use of marijuana for NFL players in wake of the NFL and NFLPA studying the potential use of …

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  1. they talk more about marijuana than the presidents federal reserve system etc on es fucking pn if they talked about this vegetable etc that's purposely a food medicine used for engineering construction etc in the 80's etc after joe montana larry bird dr j jordan magic etc shit be different but it's not on espn shoulders as the federal reserve system etc

  2. It's cute to be devil's advocate, but the community could use a voice against this unreasonable prohibition which has disproportionately affected minority incarceration rates all while white investment into the pot industry is applauded.

  3. why cuz basically NFL is holding up federal laws just even if a state passes a law says it's legal for use it is still against federal law to sell or possess marijuana or all drug not state law federal law get real has the right to say no because they say yes they are just as guilty as the ones using it . which they could be prosecuted under Federal for prescribing drugs literally illegal.

  4. Classic bootlicker mentality. "The rule is in place, you must follow it" yeah ok well what if the rule is unjust, pointless, and oppresive? And what of that rule forces people to do even more harmful things like using addictive and destructive chemicals instead? Even if your opposition os only to recreational use, human beings still need ways to unwind and take a break. Alcohol is addictive and poisonous. Marijuana is not addictive and no one has ever overdosed on it. Not to mention that it doesnt have the same effect on people's behavior that leads so many into bad situations. Land of the free, let people be! I dont smoke myself, I used to a lot. And I can say from experience it is harmless. Worst thing it does is make you ok with doing nothing for an evening or make you take a nap during the day

  5. Steven A. You usually have me on your side but today you are wrong it's a plant that's saving lives! Quit being a corporate puppet because you want players getting drunk or pilled out and getting wild in their free time rather then just smoking a dab or two and relaxin with the fam… your soo off base bro!

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