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The Most Radical Weed Law & Democrats On DACA: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the January 9, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO. 2:50 In his eight years as governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie has become a …

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  1. Since when has Vice been so neutral? I love being able to hear the unfiltered story then being able to form my own opinion instead of “journalists” trying to make it for me.

  2. wtf dude, we will see if with marijuana clear now the criminallity lower, i doubt not(sry bad english, im brazilian, but those things isnt go change the criminality)

  3. so 18 billion for a border wall is too much, yet illegal immigration costs taxpayer 120 billion EVERY year. These pigs aka democrats just want illegals to flood in so they can have their vote

  4. Was the shitist vice new I've ever watched there was next to nothing from out side of the USA ffs USA thinks there all that happens in the would can u get some coverage from out side as well some ppl don't give a shit about this and that republican political ffs

  5. the only radical law was prohibiting it as a piggyback law when instating womens right to vote, which was a demand of the puritan suffragettes who had enough of their repressed drinking husbands beating them. the problem is in the labour

  6. its disgraceful, all you white people able to smoke weed without having to worry yet black people be getting put in jail for carrying a joint, now white people acting as though they are weed connoisseurs.
    "For those living in cities and states that continue to enforce marijuana prohibition, a citizen’s experience with law enforcement still depends largely on the color of their skin. Where law enforcement officers might swoop into a poor, black neighbourhood and confront a young black man smoking a joint, handcuff him and drag him into the city jail, these same officers might confront a white college student smoking a joint, toss their weed into the sewer and tell them to move along (an actual story told by New York City’s Police Commissioner). "

  7. Holding up a budget in order to protect DACA is dangerous and down right unamerican. To jeopardize Americans lives, work, health and everyday business in America over the status of people that shouldnt be here to begin with is just crazy. Build the wall, approve the budget and lets get this country moving in the right direction. If DACA participants have not applied for citizenship by now, then they do not deserve to be here. They could have outright gained some type of status in the last 10 – 20 years. Deport DACA, deport those now out of TPS and stop the movement of illegal aliens entering the country. So that we can finally address and modify immigration laws to get the deserving and appropriate people into citizenship programs.

  8. In regards to the Dreamers, this country nor their own would suffer if only behavior was possible to change. It is your choice that equals to your fate. So what fate will you choose?

  9. It’s hard as hell to even attempt to smoke weed while graduating in criminal justice … in Texas.
    Hopefully by the time I retire weed will be legalized here so I can smoke it and not worry about losing my job and get thrown In jail

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