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The Dark Side Of Britain: Spice | UNILAD Original Documentary

WARNING: Contains content some may find upsetting | Contains strong language.* SUBTITLES NOW AVAILABLE In the third documentary of UNILAD’s original …

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  1. Maybe your home is cuz you're spending every cent you have on the spice dumbass can't feel bad for someone it isn't using their brain!! 10 twenty $30 a day equals a place for the month

  2. Watching this and the fentanyl problem in the United States, especially along the I-95 corridor, all I can think of is that these men and women are somebody's child. This this addict or junkie or throw away is somebody's baby. God it is so scary so scary.

  3. If you go inpatient for these drugs you don't have to worry about how, What and where to get your next bag is because they will give you meds for your withdrawals. Inpatient is the way to come off them safely inpatient is the way to go.

  4. Thank you for this video of awareness of that crap2 I have a friend who smokes that garbage and he is 65 years old and has cancer he literally looks like the cript keeper he's so thin he really does look like he came from a consecration camp his diet consists of coffee all day and til 6 to 8 am chain smoking cigarettes and crap2 and sometimes, that's what his diet is. My boyfriend of 7 years died last winter and when he tried to get off suffered greatly and projectile vomiting. That drug is as bad as meth, k2 aka (kill2) flakka, crocodil, if you are addicted to any of these drugs for the love of pete get help ASAP PLZ get help!!! These drugs are very dangerous and in my opinion and to come off them safely it really is a better idea for you to go inpatient and be monitored by real medical staff.

  5. So many people suffering from critical diseases diseases that makes one not be able to use their own bodies and yet there's people that are healthy waste themselves to this drugs! And they to take for granted things like being able to wash your teeth by yourself. oh well life I guess if they only knew

  6. i am 65 years old and i done a bit of stuff back in the day but this stuff frightens the life out of me why the fuck did the police criminalise it should have just left it alone its the powers that be have made this mess people killing eaccu other for a hit of spice put it back on the market like it was

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