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The BEST Instant Pot Fall Soups! Dump and Go Recipes – Perfect for Beginners

We all know that eating soup in the fall is a must! But, making the soup in the Instant Pot just makes everything SO MUCH EASIER! If are tight on time, then you …

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  1. LOVE the information on freezing. So many recipes don't tell you this. Great advantage for us single folk who wind up throwing a lot of stuff away. Wish your recipes would mention what pot size you are using and how to adjust to a smaller one. Thank you.

  2. I am so new to instant pot I even found an instant pot inside my cabinet above my double frig. It's an instant pot duo 6qt. Thank you for all of you videos, and sharing your tips, and recipes.
    I am actually, kind of frustrated because when I looked up the in boxing for my viva. I did not receive a bunch of things that came with everyone's instant pot on youtube πŸ™

    I never used a pressure cooker before, and so watching you do your recipes gives me courage to first start the water test…

    Thank you, for your calming voice as well.😊
    I was surprised when you said Sacramento California because I was considering moving out there about 2 years ago. I just found that funny.

    If you have any more videos that you might suggest I watch or go to your blog site; Please, let me know.

    Thank You Again for everything.

    I hope you and your families are safe and Healthy 😷

  3. I’ve always been told to never put frozen chicken straight into a crockpot because it takes too long to heat up, causing the chicken to sit fully or partially raw for a long time & grow bacteria? I’d probably only use cooked (or maybe thawed) chicken in a slow cooker but that’s my preference. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Wonderful recipes nonetheless! Can’t wait to try them in my IP. 😁

  4. I've made the tortilla soup twice now with fresh chicken breasts and it turned out great both times! Wondering how long to cook this recipe if I cut the fresh chicken into bite size chunks before cooking? Using 2 lbs of chicken.

  5. I just received an Instant Pot for Christmas. I have a chicken and rice casserole that I cook in the oven. You use cream of mushroom soup with it. How can I adapt it to the Instant Pot?

  6. What you don`t realise Sis is that you don`t give enough detail to the selection of the Instant Pot cooking selection buttons. You say "perfect for beginners" but you`ve forgoten that when YOU were a beginner you too had difficulty, especially using the "manual mode". Also your so SPEEEED it`s almost impossible to follow you. So I`ll keep looking for a real "beginners" vid for Instant Pot cooking and come back in about a year. Oh yeh, toooo many cans, canned chicken, you must be joking. Quick release is like eating for convenience and not for the taste, might as well eat at Macdo`s.

  7. You going to add and then you are going to put , my Goodness how do you know what are we going to do ? Or is it a command?
    You must be a Millennial that is how they talk.
    This is an American lazy way of making a soup using canned food ,why don't you just use canned soup and call it even ! 🀣🀣🀣
    I like your video just use fresh ingredients chop some vegetables and add spices, I bett that you're not going to risk chopping one of your beautiful fingernails, ho well just give it a go don't be lazy . πŸ™

  8. Lady, you once cooked chicken with nothing but salt and pepper! For fuck's sake, I can only imagine that gunky smell that must have filled your home. And hey, speaking of hoodies, come to Canada and you'll live the spirit of a hoodie! By God, how irritating can ye Californians fuckin' be?! Ugh! Like and literally seems to be all one needs to know in Californian English! And every sentence is a fuckin' question and kids are named Kyle and Todd!

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