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The Anarchist Commune in the Rainforest: Poole’s Land

Manisha Krishnan travels to Poole’s Land, an anarchist commune on the western edge of Canada to figure out what exactly is drawing young people to live on …

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  1. reminds me of the "Rainbow people" that would travel around the U.S. camping out in huge colonies in the national forests. they came to PA when i was like 19 … back in 2007 ish. went there at night drove miles and miles straight into the forest and came up on this random field where a bunch of cars were parked… followed this candle-lit path down the side of a hill and the path lead to camp-site after camp-site for probably a mile of people just smoking weed. you could do any of their drugs at each camp-site you just had to contribute anything out of your pocket. even if it was lint. i remember they were some of the coolest down-to-earth people ive ever met. …at the end it led to some huge field in the middle of the forest. there was the biggest bond-fire ive ever seen 50 feet wide. and everybody was just dancing. dozens of shadows reflecting from the fire off of the giant oak trees surrounding the field. ill never forget that.

  2. They're all very young, apart from the owner. Early 20s to mid 30s – maybe. I suspect most last a couple of years in that state, then go back to the burbs, get kids and start commuting to work in their station wagons.

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