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The agony of opioid withdrawal — and what doctors should tell patients about it | Travis Rieder

The United States accounts for five percent of the world’s population but consumes almost 70 percent of the total global opioid supply, creating an epidemic that …

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  1. Awesomeness PERSONIFIED👏🏽 INSPIRATIONAL individual💯you my friend are CERTIFIED👊🏾 Thank you for sharing your story with us (standing ovation) and congratulations on evading the opioid incarceration💟

  2. I feel diabolical I’m doing cold turkey from 280mg a day.
    Yes I wish I was dead atm but this too will pass.
    Why they left me on this for 20yrs?
    They not helping me do this!!
    I hope I will want to live very soon.
    The same in UK, it’s truly awful for so many.
    Anyone in UK can help me, advise me etc, most welcome.
    Love and strength to all in this grip.

  3. Terrible.  It strikes me as a Big Pharma commercial.  Very few healthcare professionals in the United States have any training at all regarding opioids let alone opioid prescribing.  No wonder this poison is in every corner of the country.

  4. Oh and 120 norco , 120 soma , 90 Xanax , 30 ambien and they in 1 mo took me down 30 norco 30 abein so no ambien and 60 soma , 130 dilaudid ( in 4 mo) I didn’t argue because I didn’t know it would leave my body and mind destroyed!! With no solutions to help me ,they want to blame me for my addiction and I didn’t prescribe myself these meds , my arthritis is worse then ever!! I should be able to sue these two doctors they knew these meds were addicting,now they want to blame me!!

  5. I’ve been on norco, oxy 20mg , and diludid for 10 yrs. now they are taken me of the pills but , I not the pain, I have cronic pain fibermyalja osteoporosis, cancer pt in remission from breast ca , thyroid ca, 3 botched hysterectomy operations and 5 other major operations in the las 10yrs . That’s how I got prescribed all those pills they never told me that they were addictive now they’re taking me off the pills but not the pain my pain on a daily basis was at seven now it’s 812 they’re going down 30 kills well actually 60 pills per month and my body and mind is breaking down , I wanted to kill myself but I don’t want to leave my family and I’m scared , I hurt so bad I cry all day out of pain and sometimes for nothing! How do I beat this withdrawal without dying? I will always have level 7 pain , but I rather deal with that then what I’m going through now , the doctors won’t help me they just don’t want to get in trouble for giving me 90 oxycodone per mo 240 4 mg diludid per mo, just stop me on the pills , I don’t know what to do! HELP ME!

  6. This dude would have benefited greatly from a Suboxone clinic.
    You can actually taper off from Bupenorphine.. But, i will say that for someone who hasn't been badly addicted for a long period of time, like years and years, cold turkey sucks but will work.. 6-8 days of misery then you stand up, walk into the kitchen and eat a bowl of hot soup.

  7. Lol. I went cold turkey from pain meds and it was one he'll of a ride. But got through it rather quick compared to tapering. Cold turkey dudes….. it's the fastest. After 1 week it's over. And then hit the gym. This guy is just weak.

  8. They want us addicted. They get a monthly visit and kick-backs from the drug manufacturers. The overall design of this is to control us as one becomes a ghoul/zombie-like person on these medications.

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