How Cannabis Works

The 700 Club – February 22, 2019

One junkie’s addiction causes agony for his family as they race to save their son. Witness his cry for help and how he kicked the habit on today’s 700 Club.

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  2. Christians/Catholics should concentrate on stopping their own pedophiles instead of taking away women's rights. It's already illegal to kill children. Zealots call abortion a Holocaust. Meanwhile, the church was silent during the actual Holocaust. Your bible never mentions abortion however, it sure as hell references dominating women, which continues this day. Stop forcing your religious beliefs onto people while acting like the religious are being persecuted.

  3. That's heinous. There is NO RIGHT to murder your unborn child, period! There IS a constitutional, God given and thus inalienable RIGHT TO LIFE, and abortion denies that right to those unborn children slaughtered in the womb!

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