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Study: Marijuana linked to increased heart problems

New research shows a link between marijuana and heart risks. At least 2 million adults with cardio-vascular disease have used marijuana. Dr. Tara Narula …

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  1. They use marijuana for medical reasons and now your trying to say that it now doesn't help you it hurts you make up your mind and it's kinda dumb that you target a helpful substance such as marijuana but yet in all of this BS I see people way to young smoking cigarettes and drinking but they support cigarettes and drinking now that's stupid if you ask me.

  2. It doesn’t make sense to me how something that literally kills cancer cells can give you CHF or a heart murmur. That they don’t tell you is it plays a major part in how you partake in marijuana use. If you have asthma and you smoke an tobacco leaf blunt and you have an asthma attack or you have weak lungs and you pull from a bong and you pop a lung welp that’s on you. There are so many other forms of utilizing the marijuana plant itself that there is no excuse on how to use it for its massive benefits. Smh. Y’all are C L O W N S !

  3. Horrible skewed and biased report. Literally i didnt vote trump but wow fake news, he is right again on cbs i guess🤷I vape pure hash oil no additives, for years… i can outrun anyone at cbs and work full time on 2 weed farms.. try to keep up chumps!

  4. Why is smoking marijuana not in the title, how dumb do you think we people are?
    Obviously, smoking anything will do harm to your body. There is other ways to consume it. The cardiovascular "effects" are created by the carcinogens that are released from the marijuana when it reaches its burning point. Don't blame the plant for the stupidity of its users.

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