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My journey surviving pancreatic cancer using Joe Tippens protocol, fenbendazole, prayers, and a very positive attitude. Diagnosed in October of 2018 – Stage 1 …

Cannabis Club South Africa Cannabis Club South Africa

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  1. Hi I have breast cancer stage 4 Mets to ribs an spine an lung…. I was wondering does the CBD oil with THC u take work for your pain? I take Strong CBD oil an I think it helps with my pain but can’t till…. I am thinking of trying the THC but not sure how I have never used THC before….Can u help me?

  2. May i ask is surgery or ablation an option ? I saw in the pancan facebook some had surgery or ablation just want to know why some are offered surgery for reoccurance or mets , does it depends on the different potocol offered by diffrent medical center ?

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