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  1. Really Only nine or in some states 20 conditions this is why we fight in places like Arkansas who shows unfair practices when it comes to conditions for the use of cannabis and why we are starting a grass roots effort on the ground here to fully legalize because of the politicians whom only want you to pay there $250 doctor fee just to go see the doctor that may or may not give you a recommendation even if you have a qualifying condition then they charge you another $150 fee to go back to the doctors and charge you a yearly fee of $50 to be on the program. The kicker is they want you to try or take the recommendations of Doctors here in the state of Arkansas who clearly have no knowledge of cannabis as we speak let alone int Endocanabaniod system and how it works they want you to try there prescription pills and drugs and treatments that could not only harm you but give you that option only or they will not accept your application into the program they want you no matter of how harmful and the side effects of these pills they want you to try to poison your self for six months just so they have clarity that you have a true need to use the plant in there eyes it is truthfully sad and as a Arkansan I am more then disappointed in my state that only wants to make money of the sick and have no compassion at all for all that truthfully have a need for the plant and not just want to get high but get some medical relief for there illness including #Depression Opiate #Addiction and #Dementia Not only are they trying to make money off the backs of these people like my self who has #AnxietyDisorder and Insomnia so server it effects my quality of life our only option now that they want to micro manage each and every illness is to fully legalize in the State of Arkansas and take the Doctors and Politicians out of the loop of there Prohibition 2.0 agenda that is keeping people who need these medicine from getting there medicine. Truthfully I am sad that my state who could be a leader wishes to follow and make statements from the Arkansas Department of Health that Cannabis is a Danger and can be Addictive and harmful as well as a gateway to other drugs yet they do nothing to stop the opiates that are subscribed by doctors that kill people still day by the hundreds and thousands monthly they choose to keep on with there Prohibition aged tactics all tho Arkansas votes have passed the bill as a constitutional amendment that they had no say in and we will be making more to be voted on in 2020 that legalizes and recommends that the adult use act be enacted and you allow up to 2.6 oz per person in public also you allow growing and cultivation of up to 12 plants for personal use this is 1 mother plant 6 immature plants and 5 flowering plants and you can make the mothers more but you must not go over 12 plants. I also feel you should not allow it to done while driving and you must be in a place where clearly it is allowed by the business or landlord you can not discriminate agents a cannabis user just because they live in a HUD house or low income house as long as they follow the rules and do not smoke it in public. They need to remove the gun restrictions you are not a criminal and you are not committing a criminal act there for you must uphold the constitutional rights of others who choose to own a gun and do so lawful with out a violent crime that has been committed Robbery, Theft, Rape, Murder any felony violent crime could keep you from buying a fire arm in the future but only when you have committed a crime that justifies the reason to put some one on a ban list can this only be done in the state of Arkansas the same should be done for DUI Unless you can prove they are beyond there safe limit not by just looking at them and using your own bios judgment but factual proof that you are driving reckless or you have caused a accident that has caused death or damage can you only then try to enforce the DUI status if you can prove beyond all means that this person at that time was in fact under the influence or impaired enough they was a danger to the public and them self while driving good luck with this one because smell is not enough to warren or possession of the legal amount to say this is probably cause to search or convict some one as a DUI. So as I close i think we have come a long way and we need to open the door and continue to do more to educate note Fear mongering and reefer madness lies to the public what is done by adults should be done by adults only 21 years of age and older
    the people need to come up with a truth program that explains the stigma and why these information they have been told for the last 60 years was false there is no danger from the use of cannabis but you must still like alcohol use use common sense and not give it to children they do not need to be forced into drug rehabs or jails threats and they need truth that what is made for adults is for adults not children when your time comes and you reach the age then fine if you try it like it dislike it or what ever your stance your not being told that it causes mental illness that is clearly not true nor can any of there study's prove beyond a shadow of chemistry or the Endocanabaniod system that any harm has been found they are finding out the opposite pick up a paper look at the study's being done out side of the USA in the last 60 years in Isrial and other places who have studied this plant and the scientist who right now are studying this plant as well that are finding amazing results every time I here about children getting into there parents stash I have to chuckle a little I am not for the use of cannabis for children other then medical use but When you here about how they are rushing Kids to hospital if it has THC or not Never has any Child died from the use of cannabis. Maybe you need to get on you knees and think what ever god or spirit or goddess and thank them that we don't see over dose deaths this is not true from fentinal and other prescriptions and these doctors only want to subscribe opiates and other prescription pills if they can make money off each and every pill still with the help of the watching program they still subscribe and recommend things that clearly harm people they know of the side effects and harms they do not care Big Pharma is giving them trips and perks to push there latest Drugs this is true of the FDA and the DEA and the DOJ they would rather permit people to use prescriptions that harm you over time of can cause overdose deaths but they want to demonize a plant that has NEVER killed ONE PERSON! #Marijuwana#ArkasnasMedicalMarijwana #Legeizeit #legealize #Law #Debate#CannabisHelpsDementia #CannabishelpsAnxity#CannabishelpsInsomnia

    What is sad today is you have a way to help kids with cancer and people with altimeters and other things i will leave you a list of Qualifying conditions cannabis helps it is only the Doctors Police And AntiDrug Industry including Rehabs and Counselors who make there money of the backs of users that are calling for the none legalization of cannabis it is clearly a battle they will not win The #WARONDRUGS has been lost because you cant be truthful with people in the first place you lied to people for over 70 years used propaganda and placed people in jail and wrecked lives of people because they where poor or they used cannabis or because they where a different skin color and you feel you could use it to make money off them 1 out of 11 people find a dependence of cannabis 1 out of 11 but this not mean Addiction it means temporary effects caused by the use of cannabis over the long term and even them it is very small and is nothing like a Heroin or Cocaine or Meth or Prescription Pills Addiction it is nothing like a Tobacco and Alcohol Addiction there is no long term effects from he use of cannabis I smoked personally for over 30+ years and I do not wake with hang overs urges to get high or the need to get high I use it daily for medical use for my Anxiety and Insomnia that are so server that it effects my quality of life. I do not want to be told i have to be forced into prescriptions I cant grow my own or have the right to choose as a American who does follow and understand our Constitution and the understandings of our freedoms to make our FREE CHOICE of FREEDOM and not be told by doctors and politicization to follow my rules and regulations and lies that W e have told people over 70 + years and the False information that we clearly understand is false but you have to follow our rules or we will crack the whip….I choose Peaceful Civil Disobedience I think we have a right to choose whats right for our nation we all have a voice and a vote and it think we need to start right now making that change and continue to make that change because Cannabis Kills NONE…
    Here is a list of what cannabis can cure get the facts!

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