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RAD140 Phase 1 HUMAN TRIAL Using 150 MG PER DAY Results | SARMs Trials

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  1. I have tried both LGD and RAD. RAD was by far my favourite in terms of strength and the feel good factor. However, RAD definitely suppresses and I only ever used a max of 20 Mg.

  2. While of course all SARMS would have side effects, which one would you consider to be the safest? Relative to the others. I always thought RAD was one of the safest, but you seem to think otherwise

  3. Good afternoon brother. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date with recent and precise information on sarms.I am in Canada can you please tell me where can I get sarms in Canada . Or any company which will ship here.I am pretty sure you do have lots of Canadian following. I want sarms which are not fake I don't want to waste my hard-earned money on fake stuff. Any legit source ??

  4. Im 50 and been on 10mg of RAD for about 2 weeks, cut my recovery time in half.. Dont notice any suppression yet. Just seems normal so far… Makes you feel jacked though.

  5. 59 y.o on my 3rd rad cycle. 15 mg a day. This time without test base and seem just as hard and good strength. Covid is messing up my diet though. Full head of hair, no sheading.

  6. to be honest did cycle of rad for 8 weeks twice both times at 20mg and 30mg didnt fell much compared to 15 mg of LGD rad at 30mg didnt do anything compared to LGD so maybe at 50mg will do something

  7. Another very informative video of yours mate. Very appreciated the effort you put to educate you and us. The last 3 years I've done 4 cycles 8 weeks rad 140 and i have to say 30mg is the best for me with no suppression. Don't need to get higher. The only side effect i had is a nice aggression when lifting weights 😉👍!
    Ps. For everyone else who respond differently than me and getting some suppression, decrease the carb intake and increaseeat good fats in your diet. Helps with the testosterone production.

  8. I am a 55yr old man just finished using 15mgs of Rad140/ 10mgs of LGD/5 mgs of MK677…..and i fucking love Rad. After competing natural for 20yrs….decided to up my game for my 36th and final show. Did 2 cycles of SARMS…1st cycle was just 10mgs of Rad/5mg of LGD.
    Put on 15lbs on 1st cycle….kept 12lbs 8 weeks after cycle. Put on another 13lbs after 2nd cycle…..kept 10lbs 8 weeks after. Just starting my 3rd cycle after 10 weeks off. Did use a PCT after both cycles just in case. But saw zero side effects….slept even better on SARMS than i did when off.
    To me…SARMS gains or negative effects are depending on the person, age and dosage. I personally see more negative side effects when younger people take SARMS. My body loved that shit….i had almost zero water retention. My skin was paper thin with hard dry look. Was going to do my last show in April but damn virus killed that idea. So now it is either fall or train until next year. Kinda sucked….was looking to do Masters/Open classic Physique. Me and my SARMS stack are back in the

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