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Pressing some Mimosa with (Dulytek DM800)

(this channel is for adults only 21+) im a medical patient that uses medical cannbis for medical reasons only so if you relate feel free to hit that like button and …

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  1. 62% Boveda pack. Put it in your jar with the buds you will press for a day or two. Correct moisture while pressing = bigger yields. Also get a kief puck presser and press your 1g bud into a puck. Not too tight but just tight enough. Then try a press that way. Will get better results. Also save all the kief you have and press it into a puck with your puck press then you can press 1g of kief and get ALOT higher quality rosin and better return. Kief/hash pucks are known to make 60-70% returns. Enjoy πŸ™‚

  2. I'm ordering mine maybe next Saturday if my money is deposited in account.. If it waits till the first to deposit my money then I'll be ordering on the 1st which happens to be my bday lol bday gift to me

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