2010 – StudyEnhancement of endocannabinoid signaling by fatty acid amide hydrolase inhibition: a neuroprotective therapeutic modality.

2010 – StudyCannabinoid agonist WIN-55,212-2 partially restores neurogenesis in the aged rat brain.

2010 – StudyCannabinoids and Dementia: A Review of Clinical and Preclinical Data.

2010 – StudyThe development of cannabinoid CBII receptor agonists for the treatment of central neuropathies.

2010 – StudyEndocannabinoids Prevent β-Amyloid-mediated Lysosomal Destabilization in Cultured Neurons.

2010 – StudyThe endocannabinoid system in gp120-mediated insults and HIV-associated dementia.

2010 – StudyThe Multiplicity of Action of Cannabinoids: Implications for Treating Neurodegeneration.

2011 – StudyCannabidiol and other cannabinoids reduce microglial activation in vitro and in vivo: relevance to Alzheimers’ disease.

2011 – StudyCannabidiol Reduces Aβ-Induced Neuroinflammation and Promotes Hippocampal Neurogenesis through PPARγ Involvement.

2011 – StudyGadolinium-HU-308-incorporated micelles.

2011 – StudyAnandamide and its congeners inhibit human plasma butyrylcholinesterase. Possible new roles for these endocannabinoids?

2011 – StudyCannabidiol as an emergent therapeutic strategy for lessening the impact of inflammation on oxidative stress.

2011- StudyAn amyloid β(42)-dependent deficit in anandamide mobilization is associated with cognitive dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease.

2011 – StudyMolecular reorganization of endocannabinoid signalling in Alzheimer’s disease.

2011 – StudyPalmitoylethanolamide counteracts reactive astrogliosis induced by beta-amyloid peptide.

2011 – StudyThe role of phytochemicals in the treatment and prevention of dementia.

2011 – StudyEarly onset of aging-like changes is restricted to cognitive abilities and skin structure in Cnr1(-/-) mice.

2011 – StudyIntact cannabinoid CB1 receptors in the Alzheimer’s disease cortex.

2011- StudyThe effects of hempseed meal intake and linoleic acid on Drosophila models of neurodegenerative diseases and hypercholesterolemia.

2011 – StudyEndocannabinoid 2-arachidonoylglycerol protects neurons against β-amyloid insults.


2012 – StudyProlonged oral Cannabinoid Administration prevents Neuroinflammation, lowers beta-amyloid Levels and improves Cognitive Performance in Tg APP 2576 Mice.

2012 – StudyCan the benefits of cannabinoid receptor stimulation on neuroinflammation, neurogenesis and memory during normal aging be useful in AD prevention?

2012 – StudyPalmitoylethanolamide exerts neuroprotective effects in mixed neuroglial cultures and organotypic hippocampal slices via peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-α.

2012 – StudyActivation of the CB(2) receptor system reverses amyloid-induced memory deficiency.

2012 – StudyProtective effect of cannabinoid CB1 receptor activation against altered intrinsic repetitive firing properties induced by Aβ neurotoxicity.

2012 – StudyContrasting protective effects of cannabinoids against oxidative stress and amyloid-β evoked neurotoxicity in vitro.

2012 – Study[(125)I]SD-7015 reveals fine modalities of CB(1) cannabinoid receptor density in the prefrontal cortex during progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

2012 – StudyCB1 Agonist ACEA Protects Neurons and Reduces the Cognitive Impairment of AβPP/PS1 Mice.

2012 – StudyCB1 cannabinoid receptor activation rescues amyloid β-induced alterations in behaviour and intrinsic electrophysiological properties of rat hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurones.

2012 – StudyThe therapeutic potential of the endocannabinoid system for Alzheimer’s disease.

2012 – StudyIn vivo type 1 cannabinoid receptor availability in Alzheimer’s disease.

2012 – StudyWIN55212-2 attenuates amyloid-beta-induced neuroinflammation in rats through activation of cannabinoid receptors and PPAR-γ pathway.

2012- StudyCB(2) receptor and amyloid pathology in frontal cortex of Alzheimer’s disease patients.



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