Poor turnout for CBD retail to be the case for some time

Brand Collective CEO Caleb Brown says he expects the poorer shopper turnout for CBD retail stores to be the case for some time into the future as Victoria …

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  1. Before the lockdown, I was planning to purchase a aftermarket item for my car, was to be $1,265. When the virus hit, I held off purchasing it and saved my money. When comrade dan fucked over the state and locked down metro, that business I was about to get this item custom made (In Dandenong) was then forced to shut down as it was a metal fabrication shop, not deemed essential. I decided then I would purchase the item cheaper 2nd hand for $400 and even got it delivered from wodonga to gippsland. That $1,265 could have helped that business, but sadly they couldn't make it. Now I wont purchase anything luxary anymore as I now only purchase basic, not feel good, not entertainment or any other frivilous items.

  2. … and apparently Andrews has a 52% approval rating. You would only have to ask anyone in the street young or old if they approve of Andrews/Sutton's harsh lock downs measures, that's not withstanding it was the Andrews bungling government that caused the second wave in the first place.

  3. Many have lost their jobs thanks to the Government, money is tight, the virus is still here and will be for quite a long time yet. Do they think people are going to go rushing back to the shops to waste what little money they have just because they are finally open?. Amazing how short sighted the media and Governments actually are.

  4. Why do so many melbournians forgive or forget and just move on and take it , without the ky and think covid normal is acceptable. I live in melbourne and i dont understand it. This premier is treating ppl like shit.

  5. I love it when the press find it funny to list these illegal restrictions.
    When are the press going to insist on answers from these public funded CCP operatives.
    Australia 2020

  6. 25km limit in place until 8th November….. Dan is sweating on the Coate Inquiry Report being released prior, so mass protests due to the scathing recommendations revealed can held in check….. Megalomania continues from this Premier…….

  7. Let's judge him…you SKY are a strong voice in the media and journalism of Australia…Dan and his government plus the police have lost the support of the communities let's make changes ——— too many dead too many suicides people and children are scarred for life Who's guilty to pay we want justice

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