Pepsi to release new beverage meant to help people fall asleep

PepsiCo is launching a new drink called Driftwell that is meant to help consumers relax and unwind before bed. CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin and Joe Kernen …

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  2. There's a ZERO percent chance this doesn't get abused. Someone's gonna drink this with a Xanax and crash their car and the drink's gonna get pulled off shelves. I give it 8 months.

  3. As someone with ADHD based insomnia who has been up for about about 26 hrs these things are usualy a godsend for me. That said these guys did such a useless job talking about this new product it made my brain hurt.

  4. Caffeine kills your sleep and melatonin and alcohol makes you dependent and neurotic. Don’t listen to these guys.

    Work hard, Exercise, stay away from blue light, read “Why We Sleep” and you’ll sleep like a baby.

  5. There are known strands of THC that reduce stress and help sleep. It's a matter of time before THC beverages become a sleep aid. No side effects, no droggy morning feeling. An organic sleep aid proven to work for decades.

  6. Another way to keep you dumb, stupid, quiet, and out of the way. There isn't any pepsi product that is beneficial to your health but very harmful. And now something that is beneficial for your good state of mind that will keep you awake.
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