Cannabis Health Benefits

Pauline Hanson visits Medifarm who will produce Australia's first medical cannabis oil

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  1. It will be 2nd rate shit given to those who know no better, havested half grown, selected for certain types, mainly selected to "medicate" you into a narcotic state..
    Fuck you science bastards.
    It's free from God.
    The whole plant and all its goodness or nothing.
    Cronie mother fuckers.

  2. MediFarm is a god send!!!! They work with an Israel Doctor who has researched the plant for over 50 years now, so its not a half assed programme. I use this product for PTSD and Chronic Pain. I am totally pain free!! when using my 1:1 oil (1-CBD to 1-THC). I am now weaning myself off my opioid medication which never totally stopped my pain, unlike the oil from medifarm. The opioids i have been on are Morphine based and can be very dangerous ,overdose and die, not on the oil, i would end up sleeping for the day. I have had to stop driving in order to use this medication (oil) but to be pain free makes it worth it. I have my quality of life back and until you have lived this, you may never understand the impact that pain and PTSD has on a person and the loved ones around them, it is life changing. There is still a stigma that comes with using this medication as i have found with a nurse recently and some Doctors, but i am pain free these days so they can kiss my But. Thank you MediFarm!! And good on you Pauline for being all for this industry, It WILL HELP SOOOOO MANY PEOPLE. πŸ™‚ and i'm looking out for the 2019 public offering of shares. you cant put a price on quality of life.

  3. There already is a pharmaceutical made from marijuana; it's called MARINOL. You can get it with a prescription. All this "medicinal marijuana" is nothing more than a George Soros funded psy-op to legalize brain bashing marijuana & create a community of psychotics effected by marijuana smoking.

  4. "Hit and miss" "black market" or growing your own is the only option for many Aussies. A little common sense tells us that those people on disability who have incurable illnesses simply can't afford the $3,000-$4,000 thousand dollars a month for the rest of their lives. So many people plugging medical cannabis in this country but same as this video, no one is willing to talk about the cost because if they did, they then can't say this medicine is for Aussies when it's only for the 1%.

    Realistically, the only time it's going to be affordable, is when it's either put on the PBS or when it's legalised for recreational use and wait until the market becomes flooded and prices drop in the same way it's happened in the USA.

    What I would like to know is whether Aussie export of cannabis is only for the medical market only or are they supplying the recreational market as well. I do hope so because the irony would be delightful.

  5. Its a Good start not to mention the obvious health benifits, our country and the fuckwits who have been running it into the ground for last 20years cant help but go full recreational tax the shit out of it and dig us out this hole not too mention all blackmarket opp erations would just about cease over night heap of bums out looking for honest work n off welfare, any polly was to have the balls to impliment this would be in the top spot for awhile i rekon might even see out a full term. Any one else agree leave a comment here if you would back this or let me know if im wrong australia is waiting and willing put it to the vote

  6. The same rules that govern the growing of tomatoes, potatoes, pumpkins, ect, should apply to growing cannabis.
    Anyone should be allowed to grow as much or as little as they like!!

    The situation with cannabis is a very sobering reminder of the threat pharmaceutical companies pose to our health and the power they have upon world governments!!

    Cannabis is competition to them.

  7. Have bad ptsd and told this would work for me . Fuckin instead i am left in the state i am . Got alot of medical problems . Even concentrating sometimes just getting shopping . Hey i am a bloke i guess fuck me . No wonder i am fucking done with the shit fucking dumb do gooding dickheads that are running this shit show .

    Go Pauline

  8. Been clean for 4years now
    Start of with one pill from doctor then more more pill for pain .
    Getting off the drugs (going cold)
    It really not nice,
    The pain is much better then beening drug up all day and night.
    It can good for sum people but not all people are the some.
    my doctor is stock to see off the pills it was hard drugs to get off from and walking.
    Yes l still have alot of pain
    And fits.
    Please l had my stay about pills and drug.
    Thank you for message back

  9. I wanted to like this…
    Nice people telling truths… (mostly)
    Here's one… Big Pharma is NOT our friend.
    Cannabis is a plant and should be 100% legal
    (that was two)

  10. Govts. 😭 r Very CORRUPT , Evil , *Historically BAD *DECISION makers , GROSS ly <> *SELF CENTRED , *BRAINWASHED & *LACK ING DECENCY & *UNCOMMON *COMMON SENCE … = FACT… ie. 😈 They *WILL》 "STUFF IT UP !… Guaranteed πŸ™„

  11. Lefties utopia. The decreasing brain cell and cell activity suits them. Get out of there and ban it. Negros don't have enough neurons to cope to begin with…. see paranoid schizophrenia and blacks that use cannabis. It's as bad as global warming for the lies

  12. ●Give β˜† RICK SIMPSON β˜† THE most ●●HONEST ●●TRAIL BLAZER 》 》 》The πŸ™„ β˜†TOP JOB β˜† πŸ€— 4 😍 BEST RESULTS ! RESULTS … YES ?or No ? πŸ€”

  13. Wait until the scientist get to study it properly it is the most amazing plant on earth, a doctor in Africa made eye drops to give the locals back their eyesight without the need to smoke it and said he found 200,000 unknown chemicals, and they too could be made of another 200,000 new chemicals, and the THC has been filmed falling into a damage site on a spinal injury and tat lady doctor said it was the first time in history they have witnessed that happening and was over the moon with what she had seen.

  14. Who are these people?
    ex-Libs and "merchant" banksters ?
    I say that, because a corporation here in West Australia is harvesting their first crop too, which is owned by ex-Libs and bankers.
    Cannabis should be 100% legal!
    ……..or this is just corruption with a nice face.
    Better it stays illegal than the same corporations that have lied and bribed politicians to demonise and criminalise this miraculous plant, be the one's to profit!
    Monsatan/Bayer has got it's grubby hands on it…. Is that ok ? Doubt it…
    Having said that, they seem like nice blokes. (-:

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