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Pass a Drug Test (THC) in 2 Hours for Dirt Cheap w/ Certo – 98% Guaranteed (Semi-Live Experiment)

This was my first time trying Certo (a product that everyone SWEARS by). Did it work? Watch the video in its entirety to see step by step, first hand, how it worked …

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  1. ❗️HELP ❗️Okay so I tried this and my test came back diluted so I have to retest. Unfortunately, certo cleanse gave me TERRIBLE stomach pains and i really don’t want to try it again. If I go to the same facility and use substitute piss, will they compare it with my last sample and be able to tell it’s not mine?? 😩 I can’t get constipated again bro it was ROUGH

  2. ATTENTIONNNNNN PLEASEE I need help I got a test at 10 am it’s 2 am rn how do I do this for 100 percent negative. I need the job. They called me for the test in 3 days of noticed and I haven’t done it since I got to the gym and I drjank nothing but water. But I’m still scared

  3. I have a drug test coming up next week on Tuesday May 21. But prior to that drug test i tested positive for THC and was sent to the lab for confirmation because i had denied of smoking marijuana lol. So usually the lab gets back with the test result after 3 days but when I called to do a follow-up on my test with my probation officer. He told me that during the transportation of specimen, mine so happened to spill and I was like wtf (hallelujah😹). However, next week Tuesday is my PO appointment and he wants me to take UA drug test. So watching this video gave me somewhat confidence of passing my UA. I will also use the aspirin method.

    Thanks for the video!😘

  4. I’m going to make it my mission in life to become a toxicologist and then pass everybody who’s dirty for weed.. seriously those people need to get a different job other than sniffing other people’s piss!

  5. Just took a drug test. Mixed the certo with a flavored sparkling water I had. Tasted whatever. Drank 2 big cups of water. One hour passed, I got drug tested by my dad, and I passed it with 2 straight lines. Definitely works.

  6. I smoke weed on April 29 and i smoke again on May 11 and the date today was May 17 how long will it stay on my system because i have a drugtest on May 20 i need some advice guys?

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