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Outdoor Home Grow Ep 2 – The Vegetative Stage Of Your Cannabis Plants

Learn how to grow cannabis outdoors at home during the vegetative stage. In this video we cover the vegetative stage of your outdoor plants, basic PH, your …

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  1. I was given these plants almost dead. They are looking like this now. Living in Washington state creates problems with rain. I put tarp over then but now have clear plastic old Sierra water 5 gallon bottles that I place over them when the rain is down pouring. My question is: they are planted in my garden by my tomatoes and marigolds but sun is on then from 9/10am – 4pm. It will get hot in the summer. Will it be too much sun? Also, I fertilized with fish emulsion. Seemed to bring the plant to life. I have had these for a week. Do they look ok?

  2. Aren't the supposed pests a good thing for the plant? I'm sure way back in time marijuana plants benefited from pests. Fuck All this chemicals being sprayed on the plant and grow it naturally. Most of these videos is pure advertisement with supposed science.

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  4. Thanks for info. Im a noob and one of my plants has a powdery mildew infection. It started flowering 3 weeks ago and is almost bald from me pulling infected leaves. Ive now resorted to wiping them with peroxide water. Help! Neem oil didnt work

  5. I can already tell rabbits are going to be a problem this year. I've seen so many on my block, in my back yard…. live in the city now and can't break out the ol' deuce deuce.

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