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Nutritionist Reviews Sv3rige's Day Of Eating

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  1. Sv3rige: Vegans are crazy

    * stares at the sun
    * would be a cannibal
    * Thinks racism is human nature
    * thinks the earth is flat
    * The illuminati want to make the world vegan


  2. Gosh he is disgusting and that food he is eating made wanna puke 🤢 yuck. Does this idiot have wife and kids? He is such a disgusting and gross person. Who would wanna date and be with him.

  3. Since you started vegan you aged 20 years in 5 and since he went raw primal he’s got his health back, actions speak louder than words or in the Vegans case cherry picked anecdotal studies

  4. Sv3rige is on to it, saved so many vegans, good on him. This dude knows Jack shit about nutrition. Vegans only last as long as their body can handle.
    Veganisam is the worst thing ever. Be very careful and don’t be fooled.
    I was vegan for many years, oh boy what a idiot I was.

  5. Hey my intuition tells me I missed colostrum at birth…come to find out I did……soooo…b4 you all keep Judging one another rather then using your own intuition test it on yourself.
    I could pass on the raw meat part,that I understand. It's about balance mmmkay…
    Mongolians Khangis Khan knew his shitt..b4 going into battle.☻🧿😆🕉🌻
    Think healthy bacteria/enzymes in stomach lacking diverse microbiome……I've been healing my autoimmune issues by doing fasting aswell and different detox methods.. Get meat from local farmers* good fats yooo….activator X yoooo….David Wilcock..think outside duality.😪

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