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NRA: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the way the NRA not only works to prevent gun control, they work to prevent an informed discussion about gun control. Connect with Last …

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  1. Joe Manchin isn't a Democrat.

    Putting a big capital, "D" next to your name does NOT make him any less Right Wing than Mitch McConnell.

    He is the most corrupt politician in the Senate claiming to be a Democrat, taking more money from Corporations, Millionaires and Billionaires, PAC's and SuperPAC's, and the vast military, pharmaceutical, coal and Fossil Fuel Industrial Complex than over half of the Republicans he's supposedly to the left of on the American political spectrum.

    If you ever wondered why your particular representative in Congress, House or Senate, never seems to support legislation benefiting their actual constituents, even though they're supposedly part of the political party with which you most identify, you can look up from whom they're getting their funding and see for yourself who they're ACTUALLY serving!

    Wonder why your State's Senator says one thing to you and votes for the opposite?!

    Click here and see where they're getting their money;

  2. Say aye and say no? How do you count the number of voices just by listening? Anytime it's close the guy in front can just say the nos seem to have it…. The hell? Which year are we living in?

  3. You Americans should be fucking ashamed by your lack of climate action. Your own country is drowning, burning or drying up for fucks' sake! Still don't believe in global warming?

  4. liberals be like

    "if you ban guns nobody will get them illegally"

    Also liberals: "if you ban abortions women will just them illegally"

  5. Common sense gun control….. Matters that involve the safety of the public at large are considered matters of public trust. We do not trust a person to drive until they have proven both knowledge and skill. If I am going to allow someone to carry a weapon then I have the right to know I am safe from that weapon. It is the Government's job to protect us; it is about God damn time they started doing it.

  6. You Americans.. The whole world cannot understand you. Guns don't kill? Humans do? You have no regulations about that.. No gun control if some private sellers sell em.. Every maniac can buy a 50cal gun. You have so much gun deaths, while other country's have almost none.. Why? Cuz guns kill.. Every statistic proves that. More guns, more deaths.. You can have that right.. But it has to be regulated.. No heavy war guns or automatic guns, and EVERYBODY HAS TO BE background checked.. Your guns kill 100000 Mexicans in the drug war and your own broader patrol, your own fuels the cartels and the drug war, even on your street. So what's to do? MORE, AND MORE HEAVY GUNS HAVE TO BE SOLD, WITHOUT REGULATION.. to be safe from your other guns, that caused that problem.. And then? It's the same.. A good portion of that guns go to the criminals, for sure.. . The gun lobby and nra has so much influence on politics, media and even here, at social media, that now, a shit storm is awaiting me.. Kill your own kids with your "right" and go on.. Don't care about the whole world as an example, that proves it.. : the truth: Your Totally unregulated Gunsales are the reason.. But hey, who am I.. Only a father that lives in Austria, where we have almost no deaths with guns.. Much less violence and crime, almost none compared with you Americans.. Like almost every other country here, we have Healthcare, that CARES FOR EVERYBODY, have gun regulations, but you can get one if you are skilled and mentally fit for it.. Let them panicking you and even don't mind its their business to do so.. How stupid.. Buy more guns, bury more kids and innocent people.. And blame others for that.. Have fun, greets from austria!

  7. The NRA is a deplorable association. They routinely hold pro-gun rallies in the cities of shootings just weeks or even days after thr event. A child shoots and kills another kid, have a rally! Someone opens fire at a group of innocent people….its rally time! Often the citizens of these town plead with the NRA to not hold their pro-gun rally out of respect for the families that just lost loved ones. They basically respond with a metaphorical "fuck you" and do it anyway.

  8. March 16th, 2019 My homeland, New Zealand, experiences one of the worst mass shootings in history. 50 dead and 50 injured.
    April 10th, 2019. Passing into law officially, semi automatics and military grade weapons, became illegal.

    Less than a month. 1 horrific massacre and less than a month later, New Zealand has stricter laws.
    Don't give up Americans. It can happen to you guys too. It may have to wait till after 2020 perhaps, but sanity can still prevail. I hope the USA does get better gun control. I hope that nobody has to lose a loved one to a senseless, racist, mentally challenged gun violence. I hope.

  9. I still think education is key. I don't think guns should be banned. It's the people behind them that need to be changed. For sure change needs to take place. I can't believe the NRA.

  10. shooting from a Muslim or Mexican man
    Republicans – It’s immigration! We must hold them accountable
    shooting from a white man
    Republicans – Well let’s not jump to conclusions, we don’t know what they were going through mentally

  11. hmmm strange how you're going after the NRA but never mentioned Colion Nior who makes the top 3 rated shows on NRAtv and is the NRA's most important attorney. But let me guess the black, pro 2A, and educated guy living in the inner city isn't important because he destroys your narrative… Sad to see that even John Oliver's opinions can be bought…

  12. Want them to be ok with gun control? It will onky happen when the mass shootings is against them… Yeah, they have the guns to fight back too… But if an organized group of shooters go fast, shoot to kill, throw a smoke bomb and run away… Even if some are left alive… After the third or fourth shooting, they would be loving the idea of more background checks and gun control…

    In case someone didnt get it, im not serious… Dont go shooting nra members…

  13. The NRA is amazing. How they can say with a straight face that they are about accountability and lawful use of firearms and at the same time push congress to not allow the government to hold gun owners responsible is a sight to behold.

  14. Of course in England people are stabbing each other like crazy. I guess in a liberal world i would have to learn some kind of martial arts to defend myself against a knife crime. Or just accept the fact that i'm going to be stabbed and learn to take it.

  15. canadian citizen here with a gun license, i own ONE gun that shoots .22LRs and seven that shoot bbs and airsoft., i LOVE target practice. plinking away pop cans with my lil bro, to me, is a fun lazy day.. HOWEVER. i appall the NRA and everything they stand for. i do not own a firearm for "self defense" or some bullshit red dawn paranoia. i own it because i like practicing my aim. breathing deep. and shooting pop cans. not deer, not people. pop cans. guns are not toys, but toy guns are a fun alternative. (ps i play with my BB guns literally like every day, when my REAL rifle just collects dust)

  16. Be honest John. You know there's no such thing as the gun show loop hole. But I don't expect anything honest from the Liberal Biased Media. Stupid libtard go back to England.

  17. "there's no proof gun control works" wow some politicians are not fully aware that countries other than their own exist. These shootings do not happen like this in other countries. Scotland had one school shooting, massively tightened their gun control laws, and we have not had one since, yet we can still own guns and go hunting. I live in a rural area in Scotland, and I see hunters going out shooting all the time (in areas clearly marked with warning signs saying basically "don't cross this fence, we're hunting here and might mistake you for a pheasant") I know people who hunt and who have guns and who enjoy using guns, but I know no one who has had personal experience with gun violence. You can have your guns and your safety too, America.

  18. Wrong John, the most insidious thing the NAR has convinced people of is the need for each bedroom to have a bathroom, in the event that the entire family + currently visiting guests feel the need to take a shit at exactly the same time.

  19. imho, NRA just stop being so daft, and instead publicly announce that they are a bunch of dafties in a rather public manner 1) rename nra – sex pistals association 2) make the 'rifles' you so crave be recolored and bump mapped to be more like that the stuff the nra so crave, that way no one will get any ludicrus ideas about there being any actual shootings going on or anything moronic like that.

  20. HEY Mr. John Oliver The citizens of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that understand, respect,and honor the Constitution of The United States of America have ZERO respect for anything negative you have to say about OUR COUNTRY, NOT YOURS JOHN!!! You are not a Citizen of the US, you cannot say We the people without sounding like a carpetbagger! Join us here in the US John, go through the legal process and then you can be respected when you say We the People! I understand you have a visa or other legal documents that allows you to be here. Good man! Finish the steps John, that way you will have a stronger platform to lecture from! USA ALL THE WAY! Learn about the Constitution, and Civics, you will probably know more than most native citizens! Hang out with American Indians, learn their ways of hunting, loving the country like they do! John we will show respect to another citizen who shows respect to us, and we all will fling smart as comments to each other! I have a feeling you will dominate the smartass comment competition! Look forward to meeting you!

  21. People that are on a watch are there without having the right of Due Process Under the law! For those who don't care about human rights then stay off The internet whining about civil rights! A Eighty four year old ACLU attorney was put on the no fly list for no articulable reason! ACLU was quoted as saying the 84 year old ACLU attorney will be jailed without charges! And is scheduled to be released in 45 days!

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