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New York Medical Cannabis dispensary & vapor cartage review from Columbia Care Long island

First time going to a NY medical Cannabis dispensary, Giving a review on one of their cartages 20THC to 1CBD ratio.

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  1. How to open ceramic flower pod:

    Figured it out. Put a flat head screwdriver between the ceramic and metal rim that hangs over the edge. Twist it just enough to bend the metal a bit. Move the screwdriver around the circumference of the pod, doing this the whole way. It should look kind of like a beer cap when youre done, and then just pop off. You can even put it back on if you want. I needed to take the flower out to use in my vape. Hope this helps NYers! #GoGreen

  2. Just came across your channel. I’m from NY as well. I had back surgery in 2010 for L5/S1. Never thought about getting a medical card. Never thought it was possible.

  3. Just to help… you really should hold the medicine in ur lungs AS LONG AS YOU CAN. When you exhale, you shouldn't see ANY VAPE come out ur mouth. then ur not wasting product and you get the FULL EFFECTS. Just some advice in case you didn't already know folks. Hope this helps! When I did this, I REALLY felt the effects!

  4. Columbia care sux bro I was not satisfied the prices are crazy I prefer med men out in new hyde park still a bit pricey but quality is awesome try out med men

  5. Have you tried the tincture? Thats stuffs pretty strong per dose, and the stuff i tried was only a 1:1 ratio( an i have a decent tolerance) so i surprised. I just got my certification tho so eventually ill be going into pay outrageous prices in the near future. Any chance you caught the prices of those tinctures? Also (dont mean to get personal, but for my own sake) did you get a true prescription, or did it just say “consult pharmacist” or something? Mine says consult phara… cuz i did mine thru online and forgot to ask what type of dosing hed recommend. Mines for chronic pain aswell as nausea etc. and id think more thc than cbd. If youre being consulted by the pharmacist, do they dictate your potency?

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