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NEW DANK VAPES 2019 OFFICIAL REVIEW – Sunset Sherbet – Durban Poison – Strawberry Cough

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  1. Lol imma stick with diamonds 😂 y’all so sus smoking trash ass oil. Only .1g of actual distillate and the rest is terps 😂don’t get me started of how it says 85% -90% thc 😂 you guys dumb af. The cart epidemic is real😂😂😂😂

  2. There is no such thing as a DANKVAPES oil brand! That’s a packaging company that sells mass packaging for cartridges, they do not produce oil or concentrates! The oil should never be clear & dark how it is, those are all fake fu fu ass carts bro don’t smoke any of that! Anything dank vapes , heavy hitters, smart carts , Mario carts all those are fake as fuck made with pesticides & who knows what else , that oil in that pen was put in there by another company that mass produces that pen. That’s the reason they go for so cheap. That oil will turn all sorts of colors after use, oil should never run that was its obviously cut by more than half. Just cause it gets you “high” doesn’t mean it’s THC lol

  3. Dude that sherbert oil was too runny…mine wernt like that. My oil wuldnt move. That was fucked with. THC oil is thick. Period. Doesnt move easy at all. Anyone that doesnt undrsnd that is wrong. Ever seen fresh rosin??! It aint watery friends!

  4. Yea dude that sunset sherbert dank is strong boy!! Lol That and og kush probly my favorite. Ace of spades b strong too…but all mine were rite from factory. Legit. I dont think urs were.

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