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  1. Great channel! I recently started using CBD and have left prescription meds for good. After experiencing the benefits, I'd like to share this wonderful discovery with my mother who is dealing with a few medical issues as well.
    My question is, which product/concentrate would you recommend for a 55 year old woman with moderate health issues?

  2. I tried to buy the vape starter kit off your site but it won't take my card but I know my master card is fine as I use it for other things. can we chat? email? or?

  3. Can you comment on nano extract CBD products? Are your products nano extract form? I'm new to all this but the way I understand it is the nano CBD products absorb into the system easier or at a higher rate making a comparable dose more potent than non nano? I find your videos very informative/easy to understand so I'd love to see a video explaining this nano technology. THANKS, your videos are appreciated.

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