My first time trying CBD!!! ONE BITE BIC MAC CHALLENGE?! #RainaisCrazy

Check out link for CBD: Calm by Wellness Co. Link to Calm By Wellness CBD Gummies …

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  1. The reason to put it under your tongue is that is the fastest path for total absorption. You have thin skin and lots of capillaries and veins under your tongue, so the cbd gets directly into your blood stream. Also, there’s different strains for different purposes. They have worked hard to cultivate these products to help different issues going on. It looks like you had a strain for anxiety and insomnia, so it may not help much with your knee pain. I use it for panic attacks and nausea, and it works really well. Also, ingesting cbd or thc usually takes 30-45 minutes for it to actually cause a reaction just because your system has to sort through the food and process it, and absorption doesn’t occur until later in the digestive process.

  2. The first time I used this CBD it really helps me to treat my anxiety and insomnia. So I said that this product is very helpful for everyone who experiencing anxiety and insomnia. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. The reason you're suppose to place it under the toungue is because that will absorb directly into your bloodstream fastest. CBD is not the same a weed. It lacks the element that causes you to be "high" (thc). By placing the drops on your food you actually slow down the effects a little as you are taking it through your digestive system instead of directly theough the bloodstream. That being said, I wish I could try it. It's not legal where I live yet in any form.

  4. If your knees are hurting you should get a CBD freeze rub or roll on. You just rub or roll it on the area that hurts and it helps your pain. CBD does not get you high. You can buy CBD in grocery stores lol or order online

  5. Drink some water for the hiccups. I'm intrigued on how much you can eat. Please be mindful that the consumption of so much fat and protein can wreak havoc on your kidneys, liver and gallbladder. I love you enough to say please , find what you are truly talented on, and focus on that.
    I know enough to mind my own business but even tho I love your videos, because I'm limited in what I can eat, I'm paying the price of eating half of what you eat. Don't take it as criticism. Just as a word of someone who got sick not caring what I ate as long as it tasted good. I love your channel but worry about your body, maybe you can do an all you can eat fruit at a buffet?!

  6. Your to funny you thought that you were feeling it lmao!! The oil you have doesn't get you "HIGH" ( the power of suggestion is strong with you GRASSHOPPER!!)Yeah my daughter runs and manages a dispensary in Colorado (she sends me the best stuff) and she says that they sell a lot of CBD oil to a lot of older people over there they tend to buy the CBD oil because they don't smoke and they don't like taking pain meds because most of the live alone and don't want to have an accident they tend to get dizzy and out of sorts and fall and really hurt (and living alone is no Bueno when you/they are prone or sub ceptable to falling and hurting themselves so they use the CBD CBD doesn't have THC in it (the fun bit in weed) but they do sell 1-1 CBD THC if you want to get the relief you need and the head and body "high" if that's your thing I myself like to get stuck on stupid 🤪 but I'm also a cancer and chronic pain patient and I need to be stuck on stupid just to get through the day you can only take so much opiate pain meds with out O.D.ing or ruining your liver and stomach so on my real bad days I wake up take my pain meds wait a bit and if I'm still in pain I do the "wake -N-bake" and if I'm still not getting any relief I go relax in the tub and do the " SOAK AND TOKE" and that usually gets me ready for the day LOL 😁!! Did you know that in Denver Colorado on 420 the "CARL'S JR" there had a CBD burger deal that cost $4.20 the sauce and the patty ( if I'm not mistaken the patty had CBD I know the sauce did) and I also believe that the drink that it came with also had CBD(don't quote me on that LoL but the sauce did for sure)! It was funny to see a BUNCH of POT HEAD'S at 5-6am cue up to get them!! That's why I watched this video (but I watch them anyway I'm a fan and I subbed) I thought that Mc Donald's was doing the same thing as CJ's!?! Anyway is there any chance you will come back to Ventura county?? The first video I watched of yours was the PHO CHALLENGE in Oxnard were I live I'd love to come cheer you on someday with one of your challenges us girls need to stick together and support one another!! (#RainaTheAssKickenBallBuster!!) I'm not sure how many other places in Oxnard/Ventura have challenges but I'd love to see you kick some ass Keep up the good work your videos are so fun to watch and l always look forward to seeing your videos on the weekly!!! Have you ever thought of having a Hockey Jersey or any other type of sports jersey (they can be costly not sure if they are inexpensive if you buy wholesale) so maybe a sports jersey style? with your name/# on it I'd fully buy one and where it to see you throw down just a thought!!

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