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Medicinal Plantain Power! Slower is BETTER? – The HomeGrown Herbalist

Hey Folks! Let’s drop some plantain knowledge on ya and see what sticks! Doc Jones finds some Plantain and reviews it’s medicinal benefits and explains why …

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  1. Plantain is so cool! My parents had plantain galore growing this past spring in a pen previously occupied by cows but at that time occupied by goats. I guess the cows ate it but the goats didn't. Either way, I want to cultivate and baby some, 'cause what grows in our yard has been small and doesn't yield big harvests.

  2. Thanks Doc for another informative video. So many people strive for a perfect lawn and they pull out plantain or worse yet spray it with round-up. Hopefully you have turned the light on so the beauty of this plant can shine through. Be well and thanks for developing your online school the HomeGrown Herbalist School of botanical medicine it has really changed my life and the lives of my family.

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