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”Master Grower” – What It Takes To Be One In 2019

Today a brief discussion of the often-used term “Master Grower” and what it really means nowadays to have a mastery of growing Cannabis; this is all my …

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  1. I’m a master smoker. Haha. For real though, people who call themselves master growers probably aren’t even close to that level. Be humble, grow plants, and grow as a person. 💓

  2. Was hoping someone could help! I am growing outdoors and ran into a problem. I CAN’T BRING MY PLANTS INSIDE WHAT SO EVER. I’m a college student and medical patient that lives with my parents and they absolutely despise the stank of cannabis, so how can I dry my buds
    outside? Can I try the paper bag method and put them in a Rubbermaid box and try
    to sneak it in the garage without my folks noticing?  I have three sheds in the backyard I could
    possibly put them in but they are all filled with bugs and spiders (black
    widows especially). I was thinking of building a cardboard box with strings
    running inside of it and hanging the whole plant or parts of the plant in there
    as a pseudo housing to protect from the pests. I was also thinking of just
    putting a tarp over my 5x5x7 PVC greenhouse and hanging my plant whole, dry trimming
    so that the plant won’t dry out too fast. Again, I cannot have any plants in my
    house what so ever, that’s including the garage (unless I can sneak it in somehow
    without them noticing). I feel that any gorilla growers out there would be able
    to help your boy out. Any help is appreciated, thanks guys

  3. You my brother are defo a master grower. Every video you do gives me information about sommet. Nothing like these other video's you see on the YouTube channels. Keep up your good work plz❤️✌️❤️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤘✌️✌️

  4. Hello Mr lex, thank you so much for this episode " I call your videos episodes " anyway it's really have a lot of information that help us so much i'm talking about all of your episodes, and when i see something wrong with my plants you're the first one who pop up in my mind ,you and 420 GIRL "I hope that i didn't offended you " but really you are a very big source of information for real, thanks again for this episode ,now i want to ask a question if you don't mind of course, the question is : I have 15 plants and it's week 8 of veg and they didn't show any sign of their gender, no pistols nor balls, so why is that?! I don't want to bother you, so if you want to answer, answer and if you don't I swear that i won't gonna be mad or curse you or something like that of course not,first of all you're not have to and second of all believe me i don't do something like that "I've been cursed like 7 times on my comments just two of them they curse my father and his dead and i love him more than anything in the world 'i'm crying right now…… May you rest in peace dad i miss you so much' " anyway, but i know that you're gonna tell me cuz you did it before and you're kind and you have a good heart "i swear to GOD that i'm not saying that just to answer my question i swear again " ,thank you either way, good bye for now.

  5. I recently have just come back after several months of serious health problems. And recently learned that I hate a terminal disease of the lung (aka) pulmonary fibrosis there isn't really any true treatments what less any cures!
    Lex your an awesome library of true intelligence and so much help.
    I am not sure yet if I could be considered a master grower yet but Lex sure has been a major contributor to my education to make my grows better every time and that he has done every grow keeps getting better and better. One thing I have learned though it's all about the Genetics doesn't matter how good you are if you don't have excellent Genetics nothing else matters!!

  6. I read a short grow book where the author said that you cannot get addicted to marijuana but that you can get addicted to growing it. Well he's right…and I am haha. Anyway I grow in a shed in a neighboring state about 1.5 hours away. It's in a 2X4 tent, 2 plants under 2 600W LED in DWC buckets. I have a few grows under my belt and am more comfortable with the operation. I sometimes only go up there to change the buckets once a week. I can't monitor it daily. So when I go up there it's a rush for me along with a little fear when I get there to see how it's going. I've opened the velcro window to see explosive growth sometimes. Jumanji! I think my biggest challenge right now is the drying/curing part after the grow.
    Anyway I really enjoy your videos. Keep em coming. I don't like to see blogs where people are mouthing off. I remind them that it's a weed that grows easily and that there are many methods to achieve a good result. I have a friend who calls me Walter White. Haha! I'm far from that. I'll always be humble about this. Thanks Lex.

  7. Great video. Thanks for putting this together. I believe that calling yourself a "master grower" is not always the best idea. With all the new tech and nutrients, we have to be continuously learning and growing. Stay lifted!

  8. I had a good laugh this week-end at LiftToronto. All of the big LP's were there and I saw lots of biz cards with "Master Grower" as the title from the corporate cannabis army.

    Master Grower of mids is what it should say.

  9. Hey dude I have a question just watched a older polinating video you posted. My question is do you polinate autoflower plants for seeds the same and if soo will the seeds be autoflower too?

  10. I am only but a Padawan.

    Sir compared to anyone I know the 3 people that know I do consider me the best! But it’s all the people from YouTube and the message boards are the “master grow”! I have been very fortunate to get the best beans to then give me the best results. I wish!!! I could expand my knowledge. Waite you said 100 cycles? Start to finish? You mean 4 a year? That’s 25! Years! Ok if your running 2 gardens then 12.5 but wow! I would say 40cycles about? 10 years.

  11. i might not be a master grower but i am a grower im on my 6 try and most of what i have learn is from wacthing lex videos i have gone from 1 pound 11 ounces of 5 plants to over 7 pounds 15 oz of the same 5 plants same strain orange kush so i know and have been listening to you lex and i got making female seeds from wacthing your videos i use led light i find streesing the plant just by moveing the light twice a week for the 1st 4 weeks of flower as soon as you flip lights to 12/12 this has worked every time i tried 3 times with no males i want to thank you lex and you are master grower in my mind you teach people to grow and you are well trusted and very respected for good reason well thanks P.S i look forward to winning one of your give aways someday

  12. I started my first successful outdoor patch a few decades ago. I've learned enough to write a better book than some I've read. However, I can and always do learn something new. My failures make me feel like a novice. Growing can be an extremely humbling endeavor. My successes, tho, sustain, console and assure me I am somewhere on the intermediate spectrum, prolly the real low end. I'm thankful for even achieving that! I could live to be 100 and I might have certification I am a Master Angler, but I'll never be a Master Grower by any respectable measures.

  13. I think everybody whants to get the most gr of there plants iT costs the quality here in the netherlands. im only looking for people who make weed that smokes amezing and dont do iT for the gr that is in my eyes a master. A posion cocktail for youre plants to get the most out of iT can everybody but making Nice weed almost nobody can anymore only the old 1 from the old boom

  14. Right on brother right on. I started going as soon as I could read I can't remember the book it was my father had it from the 70s maybe the late sixties. He's illiterate so as soon as I could read basic words I was reading all about the ones I couldn't
    pronounce what's a lot. Never had a plot more than 20 plants I need more than 3 or 4 year though Jim early started growing inside a few years ago I wouldn't consider myself a master grower but I damn sure consider myself competent it's what I feel about that good job man.

  15. master grower :))))))))))))))))))))))))) funny term all it takes is really seed in a soil :)))) nature kind of do it everything by itself 😉 when you grow up eating veg from your own garden all this cannabis science looks realy funny :))))))

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