Massachusetts city welcomes marijuana industry with open arms

Massachusetts will become the first East Coast state to allow the sale of recreational marijuana on Sunday. Nine states, plus Washington, D.C., have legalized …

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  1. It's never killed anyone in 10000 years and the endocannabinoid system in our bodies is connected to almost every human illness known which means cannabis can potentially affect everything that hurts us please educate yourself always.

  2. The thing I have to say about public safety is I've never a pothead past out on the street like you see drunks pass out street in almost every city around the country, put 7 eleven will be making tons money because all the smoking pot will have the munchie

  3. The Addiction problem is going to get worst if that's possible, with this legalization of Marijuana… Addiction is the most powerful sickness that can happen to a human.. Our world is plagued by it.. Alcohol, Drugs, Pills, Cigarettes and Marijuana are the most deadly.. Doctors, Lawyers and Drug Dealers knowingly sell drugs for money and they are personally responsible for the pain and suffering of ruined family's and the overdose deaths of the many thousands of young people?

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  5. The false and tired arguments of the 'Alcohol Prohibitionists' are still being resurrected by the 'Pot Prohibitionists' of today. Alcohol is a known killer that causes millions of dollars in medical costs a year, but relatively harmless Pot is 'The Devil's Lettuce' that will turn kids into Addicts and Sex criminals. Anslinger's legacy is still felt today…

  6. These clowns keep holding back legal dispensaries! Anything to hold back the inevitable! Massachusetts is the lamest its only been three years now since its been legal still no dispensaries! Corrupt Massachusetts! California had vending machines three months after legalizing!

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