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Making Super Easy THC E-Juice!! (Wax Liquidizer in 4k)

Evelyn, Spike, and I make some E-juice out of wax insanely fast with one of the Social Weedia Hempfest sponsors, Wax Liquidizer! Use Code AREND for 15% …

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  1. The wax liquidizer is THE invention !! We are soooooo happy with it !! We buy VERY good top shelf THC sauce of 93 precent … its an yellowisch substance with small THc diamonds in it .. Fucking expensive ? Yeah like 80 euro's one gram BUT !!! Its Fucking fire when i do like 3 ml i make from one gram sauce .. for me its strong enough but its super really super ! I always use the STANDARD one so with no taste what so ever .. then the terps from the sauce are Fucking incredible !!! We now have our own topshelf liquid !!! But a good wax or shatter or what ever kind of RSO or BHO your using : Always the super wax in it !!! And with the real good working and it stays also liquid ! Lots of thanks because we are medical users .. We need distilate to vape all day but as we all know its getting used to the best !
    And its for us cheaper to make ourselfs than to buy it in cartridges☺️AWESOME stuff !;))

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