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Kimbella Shares Juelz Santana New Music, Overcoming Addiction, Cheating Rumors + More

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  1. Breakfast club deleted the old interview she had years back. Charlemagne was clowning her. I honestly think that Charlemagne was pressed for coming at Kimbella. That's why he quiet in this interview

  2. Although I find Kimbella attractive, she's an narcissistic idiot. How do you fall out with bff Yandy over sucker puncher Chrissy (who to this day still doesn't really like Kimbella) AND waste money that was supposed to keep a roof over your head on getting plastic surgeries for yourself (hence why she and Juelz got evicted from a mansion they should've never rented in the 1st place) 😒😁

  3. 1. Watching the show you see she kept coming at Yandy and provoking her and that’s the reason she said: “You deserved it!” 2. How you forgive someone who sucker punched you on TV in front of millions of viewers???!!! 3. When the fight happened with Chrissy you clearly see Yandy trying to help her.

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