Killer T cell attacking cancer

In this video we see a killer T cell of the immune system attacking a cancer cell. Professor Gillian Griffiths: “Cells of the immune system protect the body against …

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  1. Why does it look like when a black hole warps and moves around a super nova building it’s destructive powering mass by sucking the gas particles

  2. were looking at the cure for cancer which is in all of us just increase your white cells with vitamin c, e, zinc ect. then get a cbc (complete blood count) test to verify increase…. warning most doctors don't like going over this test thoroughly. 😁

  3. Would be an education to see whether a glyphosate molecule actually invades a human lymphocyte cell and damages its DNA as is supposed by American juries in Roundup litigation.

  4. Wow! Mind blown. That meditative background music gave me the same chills as whenever seeing amazing clips of the galaxy! Micro and macro! Truly amazing… Thanks for sharing, Cambridge Uni!

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