Is Tweedle Farms Still Good? CBD Hemp Flower Review |Tweedle Farms|

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  1. I bought a couple batches about 6 months ago. That shit so harsh I can’t even smoke it. 😩😩😩😩Tweedle used to be so good.

  2. What would be your recommendation for cheap flower? I've always bought there ounces of the small buds because they discount the price substantially and I just buy it to roll up but I've only ever fucked with tweedle farms for real.

  3. First time watching your videos as I just found you on Reddit and I’m loving it. I’m damn near 60 years old, and been using thc cannabis over 40 years, but am new to CBD flower so I learned a lot from your videos. My first cbd flower order was a few weeks back and was with Tweedle farms, and I was not all that impressed, though I did enjoy the effects from their remedy strain. Anyway, keep up the good work, you have a new subscriber.Β 
    Almost forgot to ask, what strains do you recommend for insomnia? I rarely ever have a good nights sleep.

  4. You need something stationary that can hold a bud for you so the camera can focus on it better… for instance a roach clip tied with wire to something like, an antenna.. so you can adjust it… for a base you can get a piece of 2×4 and drill a hole in it big enough for the antenna to fit into… (even a coat hanger wire would work) anyways, thanks a lot for the review!

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